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North Bihar’s biggest hospital gets submerged in light rain, see DMCH’s condition

Report : Abhinav Kumar

Darbhanga DMCH, which is called the biggest hospital of North Bihar, is facing the problem of water logging even in light rains these days. Dirty water is spread all around here. The atmosphere is such that if a patient comes here for treatment, his family members themselves fall ill, but the matter is not limited to the patient and his family only. The officials themselves are also troubled by this arrangement.

Women workers have a lot of trouble

Women and girls coming here to do ANM training also have to go through a lot of troubles. Even the nurses are compelled to reach the office with their shoes in their hands or soak them in water.

People upset due to water logging and mud in front of Emergency and OPD

The situation remains the same all around DMCH. In front of the emergency ward, there is a similar situation in other wards as well. Talking about OPD, people have to drive through mud even to reach there.

Deputy Superintendent started narrating his problems

Dirty water is spread all around the superintendent’s office. In which many types of insects, spiders and snakes keep roaming. When this is the plight of the superintendent’s office, then it is useless to talk about other wards. When an attempt was made to get information from the Deputy Superintendent in this regard, he started narrating his own problems. He himself is troubled by this heavy water logging, but is unable to diagnose even if he is forced to do so. He said that after coming to AIIMS, there was no longer anything in our hands to do in this area. We ourselves are facing this water logging problem and reach the office by soaking our shoes and clothes.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : September 04, 2022, 13:42 IST

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