Somu Veerraju About Jr NTR: Somu Veerraju criticized BJP’s interest in Jr NTR

Somu Veerraju About Jr NTR: Somu Veerraju criticized BJP’s interest in Jr NTR
Somu Veerraju About Jr NTR: Somu Veerraju criticized BJP’s interest in Jr NTR

Amaravati: AP BJP President Somu Veerraju made interesting comments on Jr Ntr. Somuveerraju commented that Junior NTR is very popular and his services will be used. He made it clear that they will take the lead in the next election with Janasena. Somu Veerraju’s latest comments that he will use the services of Jr. NTR sparked an interesting discussion. The discussion started that the BJP is thinking of using Jr NTR for election campaign in AP in the next elections. A few days ago Amit Shah had a meeting with Jr NTR in Hyderabad and there were reports that the BJP leadership has focused on Jr NTR. These recent comments made by Somu Veerraju have given strength to that campaign. In that meeting, it is known that Amit Shah-Junior NTR spoke face to face for about half an hour. The meeting between the two has become the subject of political discussion in the wake of the assembly elections in Telangana next year and signs that Jagan will go for early elections in AP as well.

On the day of the meeting, NTR stayed at Novatel till 11.16 pm. Why did Shah-NTR meet? What is the sign of BJP top leader’s call to junior..? Was he invited to congratulate the success of the movie ‘RRR’? Or are there any political reasons..? Did Shah meet NTR to give signals that he is positive about TDP? What actually happened in the meeting between the two of them?.. During that meeting, there was an interesting discussion about it everywhere in the Telugu states. Everyone from common man to politicians is talking about it. However, their meeting created great excitement in the political circles of both the states. But usually there are many hit movies. If you like the acting of the protagonists, it is not a big deal to meet them. There are also occasions when many film celebrities went to Delhi to meet Union Ministers. But Amit Shah’s visit to Hyderabad to meet Maree Jr. became a topic of discussion. Political parties are making different analyses.

The discussion started whether BJP is also planning to use Junior as a piece of grater. There is also a debate whether Shah met NTR with the aim of attracting Andhras who are mainly settled in Greater Hyderabad in Telangana. Kamal Nath is said to have staged the sketch to attract the attention of junior NTR by signaling that he is in favor of the BJP. Junior has turned in favor of BJP? Will you join that party? Political circles claim that this move was made to leave the people with the question of whether they will support it.

Junior NTR belongs to the founding family of TDP. His great aunt Purandeshwari is in BJP. Junior even met Shah before meeting her. But NTR has never spoken about his family so far. Analysts say that whether he opposes TDP, opposes the social class, he is not so stupid as to spoil his career. NTR is currently taking a leap in his career. The big question is whether he will give up his long film career for politics.

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