Shiny, Jayashree and Kalyani fly like kites on a bike ride on a road where no one hesitates to go

Shiney, Jayashree and Kalyani arrived at Thiruvananthapuram Range DIG. Sharing the joy by cutting the cake with R.Nishanthini | Photo: Mathrubhumi E Paper

Shiney, Jayashree and Kalyani would ask each other on the way that they passed, “Do you have the material?” If you hear the answer “Yes”, you will be sure… that he is a Malayali. The dialogue of the movie ‘Akareyakareyakare’ is applied to the fun experience of the trio’s 15000 km trip on a bike.

A trip through the Bihar-Uttar Pradesh border village was a unique experience. Animals and villagers will walk along the road. Be careful with the vehicle to pass.

The trio completed their 58-day journey through many good and bad experiences. The trio reached Umlig La at a height of 19204 km above sea level to the list of achievements. These are the group and women who arrived there first.

Two-wheeler travel is a charm for Shiny Rajkumar. Will travel a lot in search of interests and company. Jayashree Chandrasekhara (49) from Ottasekharamangalam and Kalyani Rajendra (24) from Neyyatinkara came to that desire. Working as a company secretary, Jayashree’s motivation is family. He traveled 15,000 km driving the Meteor at an age when he should have played with his grandson.

Kalyani learned to ride a bike from Shiney, who works in the stock market. This friendship was enough to reach the decision to travel for 58 days.

They visited 21 states and five union territories. The journey was via the East Coast Road, which many long-distance travelers hesitate to choose. Extreme heat, heavy rain and then cold. There are days with temperatures as high as 48 degrees Celsius. Also traveled off road.

Due to the increase in altitude above sea level, Shiny, an asthmatic, had to use an inhaler frequently. When he had trouble breathing while crossing the river, he was helped by a passing wolf rider. On reaching Bihar, Kalyani’s and Shiny’s carriages broke down in Jammu. Locals helped in Bihar and military in Jammu.

The people of Himachal Pradesh were treated with the most love. The realization that travelers are their source of income is also behind the love and care. Lack of cleanliness is the challenge they faced in many places. Food and water were often a problem. He ate a lot with his nose and eyes closed. There are days when I am starving on water and biscuits. There were fights in many places.

When I heard that it was from Kerala, the question that it was in the country made me very angry. Many people think that there is no place in South India beyond Madras.

They say their journey was about women empowerment and awareness against violence against women and children. The slogan was ‘Raise your voice… Let’s go as far as we like’. Most days the journey was from 6 am to 6 pm. Friends from as far as Kashmir were there to help. Jayashree’s cousin was with him when he came to Srinagar. Stayed in CRPF quarters for three days. Spotted with the help of soldiers.

Team member Shiny Rajkumar, who reached home on August 28, will leave for the next trip on Sunday. The goal is to reach Madhya Pradesh in three days from Kanyakumari. Shinee is the only woman in the 26 member group. So far more than three lakh kilometers have been traveled in Shiny Bullet. Shiney excitedly says that there is still a long way to go.

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