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Wrote his own script after watching the murder scene; Ujjain’s gangster Rare Kashyap is a role model. Sagar (MP) KGF 2 Pushpa Shiv Gond Serial Killing Script | Bhopal News

Jitendra Tiwari. Sea8 minutes ago

The serial killer accused of killing 4 security guards in Sagar-Bhopal had written the script to become a gangster after watching movies. Shiv Prasad Dhurve (19), a resident of Kesali in Sagar, watched movies and many videos on mobile before the incident.

During interrogation to the police, he told that he likes films like KGF-2, Pushpa and Hacker movies. Ujjain’s gangster Rareeb Kashyap is his role model. He wanted to be like her. He dreamed of becoming famous and jumped into the world of crime.

How did the killer bring all three movies to life?

KGF-2 – The accused Shiva dreamed of becoming a don from a common man after seeing the character of Rocky Bhai in the movie. In this movie affected by assault and murder.

Pushpa – Shiva rides a bicycle like Pushpa in this movie. He had come by Sagar cycle, 65 km from Kesli. Shiv Prasad also did not bow down before the police after being arrested like Pushpa, instead he showed the victory sign. He doesn’t even regret the incident.

hackerSeeing this movie, Shiv Prasad tried to learn cybercrime. After killing the watchman in Sagar, the accused ran away with the mobile. His pattern lock was opened by the accused.

Wanted to be like a gangster of Ujjain

Shiv Prasad also used to watch videos of Ujjain gangster Dularbha Kashyap. The gangster became notorious in the world of crime at a rare young age. Similarly, Shiv Prasad also wanted to become famous by committing a crime.

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A friend had said in Mumbai – if you kill someone, you will become big

During police interrogation, accused Shiv Prasad told the police that he lived in Mumbai. He had a friend here. He had said that only if you kill someone will you become big. You will become famous. Hearing his words, his head was also raised. However, when the police asked the name and number of his friend, the accused did not tell. The accused has previously been working as a waiter in hotels, dhabas and other places including Chennai, Kerala, Goa.

Refused to meet family members

When the police asked the accused to call and meet the parents or family members, he refused. Said – don’t call them here. Will see you later. The accused Shiv Prasad was living with the family in the village for some time. His parents had told him to marry him but he did not want to get married. There was a dispute with the family members regarding this. A few days before the incident, he had run away from home after quarreling. Sagar came by bicycle. The cycle was left at the bus stand. It has been recovered by the police. After this, the accused had stayed in Dharamsala in Katra area since August 26. The first murder took place on the night of 27 August.


Did not sit on the ground in the police station, asked for sev-tomato vegetable in the food

The accused serial killer Shiv Prasad is also showing attitude in police custody. When he was asked to sit down, he said that I will not sit on the ground. When the police gave roti, lentils to the food, he said, I want sev-tomato vegetable. However, the police did not fulfill his demand. When the accused was sent to the barrack during remand, he said that I will not keep clothes outside. It doesn’t happen.


In Pune, the manager was attacked with a rod

The accused Shiv Prasad used to work in Pune. During this, he hit a rod on the head of the hotel manager. A case was registered against Shiva in the matter. Being a minor, he was released on bail. He told that the manager used to abuse him. Didn’t even give money.

had reached the crime scene to find slippers

During interrogation, it came to light that Shiv Prasad had fled after the murder of guard Mangal Ahirwar in Ratona under Motinagar police station area, but one of his slippers was left there. After sometime he went to the spot to find the slippers. He could not find slippers anywhere. He had fled wearing other slippers lying at the crime scene.


Cantt police taken on remand

On Saturday, the police produced the accused Shiv Prasad in the court. Where the Cantt police station sought the remand of the accused. The court has sent the accused on one-day remand. Cantt police will inquire about the murder of watchman Kalyan Lodhi during the remand. During the interrogation, the accused Shiv Prasad is expected to reveal the other incident. Police is questioning from every angle.

Who is Rare Kashyap?

Ujjain’s gangster Rareeb Kashyap had instilled fear in the hearts of people at the age of just 20. Tilak on the forehead, kajal in the eyes and white cloth on the shoulder was the style statement of Rare. He was killed in the gang war that took place on 6 September 2020. Many cases were registered against him. He took to Facebook to promote him and the gang. Advertised on the page to commit the crime. He used to make threats on social media itself. Through this he started taking extortion and betel nut.

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Gangster Rareeb Kashyap was encounter in 2020.

Gangster Rareeb Kashyap was encounter in 2020.

Know about serial killer Shiv Prasad …

Shiv Prasad alias Halku. Age 19 years. Studied till 8th standard. Basant Meher, the deputy sarpanch of the village, says that he is of a fighting nature since childhood. In school, he used to beat up the boys of the village on small matters. He was not friends with anyone in the village. He used to fight with everyone. 6 years ago, at the age of 13, Sagar ran away from home. Reached Pune by train. Started working in a hotel here. Shiva used to come to the village for a day or two in between. There was no match here. One day there was a dispute with the hotel owner about something. Shiva beat her so much that she had to be admitted to the hospital. Shiva was sent to the Children’s Correctional Home. Father brought the little tribals freed him. After that he went to Goa. While working here, he started speaking and understanding English.

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