Migrant workers beaten up by INTUC loading members at Adimali idukky over loading amount conflict | INTUC requires 5000 load fee to bring down five glasses; Opposite trader, beating


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Adimali: In Adimali, INTUC workers attacked a business establishment for not paying excessive wages. The union workers beat up the guest workers in the business establishment. The provocation was not paying Rs 5000 for five glasses.

The incident took place at a wholesale shop near Adimali Minipadi at around 4 pm on Friday. INTUC union workers who came to unload 5 glasses at the shop demanded Rs.5000. The workers returned when the shop owner agreed to pay 1500.


The store staff kept the glass for the vehicle that brought the glass to be returned. At this time, the workers who came back were beating the employees. Shop employees Pradeep Mahanta, Narad Burman and Sukhlal Sinha were admitted to Adimali Taluka Hospital. Adimali police said that they have taken the statements of those who are in the hospital and action will be taken against those who beat them.

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There is also a complaint that they abused the women, including the wife of the trader, who tried to stop them. The trader then lodged a complaint with the police. There were six people in the group. They were arrested and released on station bail. It is alleged that frivolous charges have been filed against them.

At the same time, there were allegations that porters’ unions were asking exorbitant amount for loading goods in Kollam ashram too. The complainant is Archa Unni, a young entrepreneur who has set up an underwater tunnel exhibition. The woman said that she approached the labor officer and the police but to no avail.

The problems started when they tried to load the goods in a lorry to take them back after the exhibition at the Kollam Ashram grounds. The workers of CITU, BMS and INTUC came and demanded Rs 2 lakh for loading the goods. But when they said that the company has workers for loading and cannot pay, they threatened. Archa says that when the exhibition started, the goods were unloaded by the porters and due to their careless handling, there was a huge loss.

The Kollam exhibition ended on July 10. But the complainant says that due to this attitude of the workers, they have to pay the rent for seventeen days and even though they approached the labor officer and the police, they could not find a solution to the problem. Meanwhile, the union leaders say that the workers have only asked for the work and wages they are entitled to and that the dispute will be resolved through negotiation.

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Migrant workers beaten up by INTUC loading members at Adimali idukky over loading amount conflict

Story first published: Sunday, September 4, 2022, 15:09 [IST]

The article is in Malayalam


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