Middle Age woman Raped Accuses Arrested | The accused was arrested in the case of rape and murder of a middle-aged woman

Kollam: The suspect was arrested in the case of rape and murder of a middle-aged woman in Erur. Mohanan (60) was arrested at the Darbhapana sanctuary in Vilakupara. The incident took place on February 26 in the evening. They were found dead inside the house.

In the subsequent investigation, the police found the death to be a homicide. In the postmortem report, it was found that the murder was strangulation during rape. The post-mortem report indicated that the bones around the neck were damaged and there were bruises on the chest, stomach and lips.

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Punalur DySP B Vinod led the police investigation. The police had interrogated around 100 local residents. Some of them were taken into custody and questioned. About five people were subjected to DNA test. Mohanan, who is now under arrest, was also questioned three times. But the constant surveillance of the police and Mohan’s talk after drinking

It was helpful to Pauline that Mohan had committed the murder. Then last day, Mohanan confessed to the crime after being taken into custody and interrogated again. The arrested accused was brought to the house where the murder took place and the evidence was collected.

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The accused showed the police how he entered the house through the kitchen and how he committed the murder. The chief of rural police said that he appreciates the investigation team that reached the accused.

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