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Fish was sold outside the market; The police sprinkled bleaching powder in the fish baskets of the sellers

First Published Sep 4, 2022, 3:35 PM IST

Kanhangad: Police use bleaching powder on fish baskets for allegedly selling illegal fish. The incident took place yesterday evening at Kotacherry fish market in Kanhangad. The police sprinkled bleaching powder on the fish for selling it outside the Kotacherry market. Bleaching powder was applied to 11 fish. Other sellers were running with baskets of fish. The women said that they had been sitting inside the market since morning and sold the fish and then came out and sold the fish because of the leftovers.

The shopkeeper entered the shop and filed a complaint including the CCTV footage

Municipal authorities had instructed not to sell fish outside the market. But complaints were raised that some people are selling fish outside the market without following the instructions. Then the municipal authorities asked the police to take action. This is followed by this inhumane action of the police. The women said that many people were selling fish outside in violation of the law and that the police sprinkled bleaching powder only in their baskets.

Ambulance did not arrive; The sight of riding a bike with a dead body is sickening

Despite the progress made in the health sector in the country, conditions in rural areas are still deplorable in many states. Many incidents often come out to prove this. A similar incident is now gaining attention on social media.

The incident took place in Sehore, Madhya Pradesh. In the video, people are seen bringing the dead body of the young man home on a bike as an ambulance was not available. A twenty-six-year-old man who went to bathe with his friends in the river drowned.

Then the police came and searched and found the dead body, but they did not get an ambulance to bring it back home. Relatives tried hard for an ambulance. But when he realized that he would not get this, he decided to carry the body between two people on a bike.

Its footage has gone viral on social media. All those who have seen the video say that it is a mind-numbing sight and the authorities should take care to prevent such incidents from happening again.

Last Updated Sep 4, 2022, 3:40 PM IST

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