Do You Know Depth Of India UAE Relation? Narendra Modi Sent Letter to UAE Ruler Sheikh Mohammed Do you know the depth of the relationship between India and UAE? Modi’s letter to Sheikh Mohammed

In the letter, Narendra Modi called for strengthening ties in key strategic areas. The talks are progressing to protect the common interest of both the countries. Modi’s letter to Sheikh Mohammed was delivered by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar. Jaishankar was on a visit to the UAE.

The 14th meeting of India UAE Joint Committee was held this week. The third session of the India UAE Strategic Dialogue was also held. S Jayankar came to Dubai to attend these meetings. Warm News Agency reports that S. Jayashankar discussed local and international issues with UAE leaders.

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In the last financial year, trade between India and UAE was worth 72 billion dollars. UAE is India’s third largest trading partner. It is also the third largest export hub. UAE’s investment in India is increasing every year. It is also worth mentioning that now the UAE has invested 12 billion dollars in India.


Most of the foreigners working in the UAE are Indians. Indians make up about 35 percent of the population of the UAE. There are many families who came from India and settled in UAE. Reports show that most of them are permanent residents in the UAE for work and study.

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UAE is India’s third largest export destination. After the US and China, India exports more to the UAE. In the financial year 2020-21, the export of 1600 crore dollars took place. India is UAE’s third largest trading partner. According to the figures of 2020, the trade was 2793 crore dollars. News agencies also report that this is the figure for non-oil trade.


Diplomatic relations have been established between the UAE and Israel in recent years. With this, many projects are being developed in partnership with India, UAE and Israel. All three countries are preparing projects using Israeli technology. India is the largest market in the world and the main reason for attracting all these countries to India.

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