Rajasthani entering Gulf countries by changing fingerprints; Know – the game of changing identity. Telangana Fingerprint Surgery Racket; Know Criminal Strategy In Detail

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A unique case came to light last week at a hotel in Annojiguda, Andhra Pradesh. There a gang was caught who was changing the fingerprints of people by performing surgery. The case was unique – because we had heard till today that even if a person burns his fingers, he cannot change the fingerprint, but this gang is doing this work.

The gang had first changed the identity of a Rajasthani youth by performing finger print alternation surgery. After this, many more people did surgery through Rajasthani youth. Police have arrested 4 accused of this gang and they are being interrogated. The talk of many Rajasthani youth getting surgery is also coming to the fore.

After the matter came to the fore, 3 questions are arising…

1. How was the gang changing the fingerprints of the people?
2. Why did the people who got their fingerprints changed, needed it?
3. How dangerous is this game of changing finger prints?

This time Sunday Story Read the answers to all these questions and know A to Z related to finger print science


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