Woman rescues young man drowning in a booming drain ntc

Woman rescues young man drowning in a booming drain ntc
Woman rescues young man drowning in a booming drain ntc

Presenting an example of bravery, a 32-year-old woman living in Nazirabad village, about 80 km from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, saved a farmer from drowning. During this, he did not even care that he also has an 8-month-old child.

When the woman saw two farmers drowning in the overflowing drain, keeping the 8-month-old son on the ground, jumped into the strong current of the drain and saved the life of one farmer, while the other farmer was swept away by the strong current, whose body was recovered the next day. Gone.

Nazirabad TI BP Singh while talking to ‘Aaj Tak’ told that on Thursday, August 1, the water level in the drain flowing near Nazirabad suddenly increased after heavy rains. During this, two farmers named Raju and Jitendra, who went to spray medicine in their field, stood at one end of the drain, while their bike was standing on the other left. After the rain, the flow of water in the drain was fast, but despite this, both started crossing the drain.

The people standing on the banks of the drain explained a lot to both of them, but both did not agree and reached the middle of the drain and started drowning during this time. There are slums of Kanjars near the drain. When Raveena, who lives there, saw both of them drowning, without caring for her own life, she put her 8-month-old child down and jumped into the swell.

Raveena saved a person named Jitendra while Raju got swept away in the strong current. Raju’s body was found the next day in the drain when the water level receded. When the police came to know about the courage of the woman, Nazirabad TI BP Singh honored Raveena with a cash prize of Rs 1,000, praising her bravery.

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