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Uksssc Musa Turned Out To Be The Mastermind Of Paper Leak

Uksssc Musa Turned Out To Be The Mastermind Of Paper Leak
Uksssc Musa Turned Out To Be The Mastermind Of Paper Leak
The real mastermind of leaking the paper turned out to be Syed Sadiq Musa, a close friend of the owner of RMS Solutions Company. STF is continuously raiding in search of him. But he has gone underground. It is feared that he may have fled to Nepal. It is being told that he, along with the owner of the company, has leaked the papers of dozens of examinations since the year 2015. Leaking from the company’s press, the paper first reached Moses only. After this the chain was made on the chain.

Recently, Rajesh Chauhan, owner of RMS Solution, an outsource company of Uttarakhand Subordinate Services Selection Commission, was being called the mastermind after he was caught in the paper leak case. But, when he opened the secret, it came to know that its mastermind is Syed Sadiq Musa, a resident of Lucknow. He is originally from Ambedkar Nagar. It is being told that Musa and the director of the company met in the year 2014. After this he planned to earn big money from this game. After this the game of leaking the paper started.

After the formation of the commission in the year 2015, the contract for most of the examinations to be held in Uttarakhand started being given to RMS Company. Rajesh and Musa in a very clever way started playing in the OMR sheet in the first Inspector Recruitment Examination. After this, when the work of printing the papers of other examinations came to this company, then Moses and Rajesh became silver. Together with Hakam, Kendrapal and other touts, he formed his entire gang. It is being told that both of them have a hand in leaking the papers of competitive examinations in other states also.

After the arrest of Musa, there is a possibility of a big disclosure in Uttar Pradesh too. Yogeshwar Rao, another friend of Moses, is also involved in this work. Both are absconding at the moment. In search of him, 20 people of STF are raiding in districts like Lucknow, Ambedkar Nagar etc. Meanwhile, it is being told that Musa has fled to Nepal. However, till now the STF team is also frozen in Lucknow.

STF SSP Ajay Singh said that efforts are being made to arrest Yogeshwar and Musa. Now more people can come forward in this matter. Continuous raids are on. Musa has added a lot of wealth to the paper leak business. He also keeps shooting for the reel made on social media at this time. That’s why his friends also call him a hero.

Musa’s friend Yogeshwar Rawat is a resident of Indiranagar, Lucknow. He was a teacher in an intermediate college. He also got his wife employed after leaking the paper. It is being told that the investigation of the recruitment of his wife in Uttar Pradesh is also going on. Meanwhile, when Yogeshwar joined this business and started earning money, he also resigned from the teacher’s job. Now he went a long way in this business with Moses.

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