After seeing the son’s body.. the mother’s heart also stopped..!

Needless to say, how pure a mother’s love is. All life is concerned with the welfare of children. The children could not bear even the slightest difficulty. The mother’s heart couldn’t stand it if she knew that the children in front of her eyes had suddenly gone to unseen worlds. A mother in Bihar had a similar experience. The son who went to work in the morning.. became a dissolute person in the evening. She could not digest the news that she had no son. Within hours, the mother’s heart also stopped. If we go into the details of this heartbreaking incident..

Ramachandra Ram of Shamsher Nagar village, Nalanda range, Aurangabad, Bihar, has wife Kamaladevi and son Vinod Kumar (30). Vinod Kumar. He used to work as a computer operator in the construction company of Amarendra Kumar Pandey of the village. However, he quit his job a few days ago. However, he recently returned to work after being offered a higher salary. He used to go to work every morning and come home in the evening. But I don’t know what happened, but an ambulance came to the house on Thursday evening. Finally, when the body of Vinod Kumar was brought down, the family members suddenly collapsed.

The owner’s warning to change the method.. The cook who went into their room while they were sleeping.. Finally..

The son, who went to work happily in the morning, could not digest the fact that he would become a disaffected person in the evening. Vinod Kumar’s mother was crying all night. No one could console her. But on Friday morning, she suddenly collapsed crying. While watching everything, she died on the spot. All the local women were moved to tears. The family members and locals of the deceased are alleging that Vinod Kumar was beaten to death by the owner of the company and the staff. The police said that they have not yet received any complaint and will investigate and take action as soon as the complaint is filed. The death of the son and mother cast a pall over the village.

The angry daughter-in-law, who was saying the same thing over and over again, not only bit her aunt’s fingers but also did not see that it was her husband.

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