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He proved that it is very easy to earn money if you are smart.

A poor farmer from Rajasthan has proved that it is not difficult to earn money even if you are smart. A small village 10 km from Alwar city.. Guzuki. There a young woman living in a small house changed her fortune by doing a new experiment in agriculture. He became a big celebrity in nearby areas. The man’s name is Jitendra Kumar Saini (40). He succeeded by inventing a new method in the manufacture of fertilizers.

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Usually many people use chemical drugs, pesticides and fertilizers in the farm. But, Jitendra is making natural ready made fertilizers with the help of cows. Cow dung, milk, urine, curd, buttermilk and ghee are mixed together to make manure and use it for agriculture. He said that by doing this, his land became fertile and the production almost doubled. Jitendra bought cows of the Gir breed in 2015. He made a slurry of their dung and started spreading it in the field. The use of chemical drugs and urea has been completely reduced. At present he has 16 cows.

Every year, along with turmeric, jaggery, soil and cow dung, he mixes milk, buttermilk and ghee as fertilizer and sprinkles it on his three-acre farm. Jitendra has been making and using fertilizers in the same way for almost ten years. This increased the production from 70 tons to 110 tons. Jitendra said that he used to spend 2 to 3 lakh rupees a year on chemical fertilizers and urea, but now this cost has become zero. “We sell vegetables worth Rs.35 lakh annually in our three acre farm. The cost is Rs.10 lakhs per year. 25 lakhs per year will be saved. Jitendra said that we have earned two and a half crores in ten years. Local farmers are queuing up to Jitendra for advice and consultation.

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