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Ballistic expert reaches INS Dronacharya, Navy directed to produce documents

First Published Sep 9, 2022, 9:37 AM IST

Kochi : The police took a decisive action in the incident of a fisherman being shot in the sea. It was decided to take the ballistic expert to INS Dronacharya for examination. The police also asked the Navy to produce the records of the firing investigation. Details of firearms and ammunition used for training have also been sought. The police also inspected the naval training center twice

At the same time, the Navy informed that the bullet was not from the gun that the Navy is training in and that it was recovered from the boat where the incident took place. The Kochi Naval Command has officially taken a stand that this is not a bullet used by soldiers. For clarity in this regard, INS Dronacharya, the naval training center at Fort Kochi, is being investigated. If the bullet is not from the gun being trained here, it is decided to check other possibilities

The fisherman who returned after fishing was shot in the sea around 12 noon on Wednesday. Sebastian, a native of Alappuzha Andhakaranazhi, was injured. The fishermen came forward with the allegation that the Navy fired. But when the Navy denied this, the Coastal Police started an investigation with the help of ballistic experts.

The incident took place in the sea, one and a half kilometers away from Fort Kochi. After the catch, Sebastian and 31 others were returning to shore. At this time, something struck his ear. Sebastian fell backwards, bleeding from his ear.

During the subsequent inspection, the bullet was recovered from the boat itself. The incident occurred in the area adjacent to INS Dronacharya at Fort Kochi where the Navy conducts training. With this, the fishermen came forward alleging that the navy had fired.

After getting the information, the police and navy reached the hospital. Naval personnel who examined the bullet told the police that it was not from their gun. With this, it became a mystery as to who shot

Sebastian’s injuries are not serious. There are five stitches in the ear. The Coastal Police has also decided to investigate with the help of ballistic experts.

Shooting at sea: Eyewitness says Sebastian escaped with headshot, Navy says they did not shoot

Last Updated Sep 9, 2022, 9:37 AM IST

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