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The sad other side of shop street Sindh… This situation should not happen to any woman | Angaditheru Sindhu is the other side of tragic life is suffering from cancer and without any help


oi-V Vasanthi

Published: Friday, September 9, 2022, 17:00 [IST]

CHENNAI: Sindhu, who is known to many from the movie Angadi Teru, is currently suffering from cancer but she has been fighting the disease daily but has openly talked about the other side of her life.

Fans who heard Sindhu’s story are saying that no woman should experience such tragedies in her life.

After getting married at the age of 14, she became a mother to a child in the same year and due to her husband’s cruelty, her father came back to the house and fought many struggles in her life for that child.

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Introduction as a child star

Introduction as a child star

In general, when many people are afraid of a minor headache and leg pain, being diagnosed with cancer is the worst. And to spend every minute in agony without the mental strength and energy to fight against it is the worst of all. That is what Sindhu is experiencing now. When he was a child, his father used to work as a bell collector at Sathyam Studio, so he also got the opportunity to act as a child star.

Married at an early age

Married at an early age

Even though he acted as a child star in movies, poverty was still prevalent in his home. His mother also died when he was a child. That is why her father married her off at the age of 14. In the same year she also became a mother to a child. She says that her husband’s cruelty was more than a few days after her marriage. He would come drunk and beat and torment him every day. So after two years he came back to his father’s house and joined them.

Shop Street Sindhu

Shop Street Sindhu

In order to raise her child, Sindhu has acted in many movies and has been doing all the jobs she can get like Hotel, Sittal. Sindhu’s father also died at that time. Sindhu, who used to play small roles in movies, is the movie that gave her a big name. In this movie, she will play the role of a prostitute. There is a scene where she married Kunle Ganesh and they had a child, in which Sindhu’s sentimental dialogue melted the hearts of many people who have seen the movie till now.

Helped by Shakila

Helped by Shakila

When Sindhu was often unwell, she went to the hospital for a check-up and was diagnosed with cancer. As the medical expenses for cancer will be high, he has spent some of his savings on hospital expenses. After that, he has asked for help from many people who were in the film industry without any money. But they all say the same word no. Then actress Sakila spoke to him and released a video for him. After that some famous fans have helped him.

Record of tears

Record of tears

Sindhu then shared the news that her daughter also left her when she was diagnosed with cancer. But now Sindhu’s daughter has come again. He says that even now it is very difficult to pay the expenses and even to pay the house rent. He has passionately said that no woman should have to experience her hardship. We have heard that cancer is such a deadly disease. Only those who are struggling with it will understand its pain and agony. Her fans are fervently saying that Sindhu should recover soon from the impact of the disease, both physically and mentally.

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English summary

Angaditheru Sindhu is suffering from cancer and without any help.

Story first published: Friday, September 9, 2022, 17:00 [IST]

The article is in Tamil


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