maoists warning to doctors, Maoists strong warning to Bhadradri kothagudem doctors

Bhadradri Kothagudem: Maoists gave a strong warning to the doctors of Bhadradri Kothagudem district. The Maoists have released an open letter in the name of Secretary of the Bhadradri Kothagudem Alluri Sitaramaraju Division Committee saying that if the doctors do not change their practices, they will be punished in the public court. He alleged that Bhadrachalam hospitals have become a medical mafia. Doctors are hoarding money by playing with the lives of patients. The letter warned that if the method is not changed, the price will have to be paid. He alleged that Bhadrachalam, a border region of three states, is now pouring money into the medical mafia. As it is a full agency area, the hospitals are working with the aim of earning money by supporting the innocence of the tribals. He expressed anger that the health of the people was threatened and the blood of the patients was squeezed. It is written in the letter that tribals and non-tribals of Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Andhra region as well as local Telangana region people are being kept in hospitals for days in the name of medicine and doing various tests even though there is no need, labs, hospitals and doctors are torturing people for money.

He wrote in the letter that people’s lives have now become an opportunity to pour money into the hospitals, and some doctors have turned into monsters and are sucking the blood of patients like leeches, breaking the trust of the people. He said that by pretending health problems, they are creating fear in people in the name of various tests and filling the hospital beds with loot, starting from private hospitals to government hospitals, the doctors who are hungry for money are torturing the people.
In particular, doctors working in Bhadrachalam government hospital are devoting most of their time to their own clinics, neglecting the treatment that should be provided to the patients during government time and neglecting the working hours. It is alleged that the medical profession, which has turned into a medical mafia, is collaborating with pharma companies and selling drugs at a high price under brand names.

The Maoists have warned that the doctors working in the government hospital will have to pay the appropriate price if they behave in this way instead of allocating their time in the government hospitals. The doctors, lab and medical shop owners who set up private hospitals for the purpose of making money in the tribal area of ​​Bhadrachalam and stole crores from the innocence of the tribals will be punished in the public court if they do not change their behavior. Warning given.

Maoist’s Open Letter

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