Bathing ban for 40 days.. They don’t even wear sandals.. Where is this strange custom of men tying sarees..

In this wide world each country follows different traditions and customs. In other words, different customs are practiced in a single country. India is a land of diverse cultures and customs. People of each state celebrate festivals and celebrations according to their tradition. The dance festival of the people of Rajasamand and Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan is very strange. Celebrated for 40 days in the months of September and October, only men participate in this festival. Men who participate in this have to follow strict rules.

This unique dance festival is held in many villages of Mewar. This dance festival belonging to the tribal community is called Gavari Nritya. The people of the villages where this festival takes place, wherever they are in the country and abroad take vacations for business and jobs and take part in this program. Men participating in this dance festival use dye made from turmeric, flour and juice of leaves. Once they wear make-up, they should not take it off again for forty days. Also they don’t wear sandals for those 40 days. They do not leave their equipment on the floor. And none of them even bathe for 40 days.

In this festival all roles are played by men regardless of whether they are male or female. They wear make-up, tie sarees, wear gajjes and splash like women. This Gavari dance narrates the story of Shiva Parvati. It is a belief in that tribe that Goddess Parvati along with Lord Shiva visits the earth during Bhadomam. The men taking part in this festival eat nothing but boiled food. Further, their family members take only liquid food for 40 days.

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