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congress mla praniti shinde mocks bjp on rahul gandhi bharat jodo yatra

congress mla praniti shinde mocks bjp on rahul gandhi bharat jodo yatra
congress mla praniti shinde mocks bjp on rahul gandhi bharat jodo yatra

For the past few days, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra is being heavily discussed across the country. While the ruling party is talking about the yatra to criticize, the opposition is talking about the yatra to support. In this background, when politics of political accusations and counter-accusations is going on over the yatra, Congress MLA Praniti Shinde has attacked the BJP over the yatra. While talking to reporters in Akola, Praniti Shinde while explaining the nature of Rahul Gandhi’s yatra has said that this yatra will pass through five districts of Maharashtra including Akola.

“Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra will go to five districts of Maharashtra. We are lucky that the journey will also pass through Akola. Accordingly, Nana Patole will be coming here. We are trying to ensure that Rahul Gandhi’s meeting will also be held in Akola during this yatra”, said Praniti Shinde.

“Even BJP didn’t think that…”

Meanwhile, when the journalists asked about the BJP also planning a similar type of yatra, Praniti Shinde challenged the BJP. “BJP has taken a leap after seeing the response to Rahul Gandhi’s yatra. So they are making different plans to make our yatra ineffective. Due to the management of some news channels, our yatra is not getting that much publicity. But on social media, a large number of common people are walking with Rahul Gandhi during the yatra. Of course even BJP did not think that this yatra would get such a response. But there is a great response. So BJP has gone into panic mode”, said Praniti Shinde at this time.

“Rahul Gandhi like BJP people..”

“During this tour, Rahul Gandhi will be staying at a school and a farmhouse in Akola. Rahul Gandhi will live in a very basic system. They will not stay in big hotels like BJP people. Moreover, Rahul Gandhi himself is walking 40-40 kilometers every day. Seeing all this, the ground has shifted under BJP’s feet”, he criticized BJP in these words.

The article is in Marathi

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