Mumbai-Goa highway still closed due to gas leak from tanker; When will the traffic be smooth?

Mumbai September 23 : The traffic on this highway has been diverted even today due to gas leakage from the tanker that fell into Kajli river from the Anjanari bridge on the Mumbai-Goa highway. Until the gas leak in this tanker is stopped or the gas in this tanker is shifted to another tanker, traffic on this bridge will remain closed for safety reasons, the transport department has said. Fatal accident on Mumbai-Goa highway, gas leakage from container, traffic diverted for safety, see video from the scene, gas experts have been called from Uran Jain PT and according to them, the traffic will be started from this bridge. But the traffic on the Mumbai-Goa highway has been disrupted. Hence, the traffic to Goa is currently diverted from Dabhol Bhambed to Lanja to Goa via Pali. Mumbai bound traffic has been diverted from Devdhe Phata to Mumbai via Harcheri Kajarghati. The bridge was closed for traffic all night. The bridge will remain closed today till the arrival of experts. Filmy Style Rada! Despite being blown up by a speeding car, the youth continued to fight; Watch Video A terrible accident took place on the Mumbai-Goa highway on Thursday afternoon. A gas container fell directly from the bridge into the river below. The driver died on the spot in this accident. There was gas in the container. Gas leaks started due to the accident. Therefore, the administration has diverted the traffic passing through that bridge to an alternative route. This traffic is not yet smooth. Container MH12 LT 6488 heading towards Goa broke the embankment of the bridge at Anjanari on the Mumbai-Goa highway and fell directly into the Kajli river. In this horrific accident, the driver drowned and died on the spot. As soon as the incident was reported, the police and rescue team rushed to the spot.

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First published: September 23, 2022, 08:21 IST

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