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Lawrence Bishnois lawyer feared and said may be a fake encounter after the court appearance lclk

Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, the main accused in the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala, is in the custody of the Punjab Police. The police is continuously interrogating him to solve the murder mystery. Now before the court appearance, Bishnoi’s lawyer has expressed apprehension that his fake encounter can be done.

No one has any information about where and how Lawrence Bishnoi is being interrogated, except a few officers of Punjab Police. Lawrence Bishnoi’s lawyer Vishal Chopra said that his client is to appear in the Bathinda court on Saturday.

Bishnoi’s lawyer said, “Lawrence Bishnoi will be taken to jail on Saturday. There may be some major Miss Happening during this time.” Targeting the Punjab Police, the lawyer said, “During the court appearance, Punjab Police along with others will definitely do something big with Lawrence Bishnoi.”

Vishal Chopra said, “During all this, at the end the police will say that Lawrence Bishnoi was running away from custody. Saying this he will be made a fake encounter.”

34 people named in Musewala murder case

In the Singer Sidhu Musewala murder case, the Punjab Police has filed a chargesheet in the court. A total of 34 people have been nominated in this. It includes the names of about a dozen shooters including Lawrence Bishnoi, Jaggu Bhagwanpuria.

An accused named Deepak Mundi has also been named in the chargesheet. However, he is still absconding. A police team is looking for him. But, so far no success has been achieved.

How was Musewala murdered?

For information, let us tell you that on May 29, Sidhu Musewala was murdered. They were openly roasted with bullets. Musewala died on the spot in the attack.

Goldie Brar was told the mastermind of Musewala’s murder. He along with Lawrence Bishnoi did complete planning for the murder of Musewala. After this he carried out the massacre through his shooters.

The police have so far arrested many accused in this case. After this massacre, the Aam Aadmi Party government of Punjab was also in trouble.

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