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Bandi Guruvinda’s comments on garbage

September 24, 2022 / 02:23 AM IST

  • In Jawaharnagar, the problem is not resolved
  • 20 megawatts of electricity already generated from waste
  • Steps will be taken to increase it to 100 MW soon
  • It stinks in BJP-ruled states
  • Population conditions in Ahmedabad and Bangalore cities

Hyderabad City Bureau, September 23 (Namaste Telangana): A politician should know the facts before speaking anything. At least the facts in front of the eyes should be recognized. But, state BJP president Bandi Sanjay has none of this. His habit is to lie uncontrollably. Now hearing these, he started making ‘dirty’ comments. Dumping yard of Jawahar Nagar in Hyderabad was strewn with garbage. How is that dumping yard under joint management? After the formation of Telangana, how much greenery has been filled? Anna spoke like Guruvinda Ginja without at least Soi. He revealed his lack of understanding saying that BJP will solve the problem if it comes to power. If the governments in the BJP-ruled states are unable to solve the garbage problem, the Telangana government has already controlled the stench in Jawaharnagar and provided permanent relief to the people of that area. Besides, 20 megawatts of electricity is generated from garbage. Steps are being taken to increase this production to 100 MW soon. However, many areas including Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Bengaluru in Karnataka continue to be dirty heaps of garbage for many years, and the people there are reeking of stench. The fact that Bandi Sanjay ignores these harsh facts and casts unnecessary insults on Hyderabad shows his sincerity.

Lights with waste
GHMC is achieving better results in generating electricity from waste. Ever since the plant became available at Jawaharnagar, 1,500-1,600 tonnes of garbage has been incinerated regularly in two boilers. The fire boils the water and produces steam, thereby producing electricity. GHMC is taking steps to generate 28 MW electricity from Jawaharnagar-2 plant soon. On the other hand, the process of producing Compressed Biogas (CBG) from the garbage of Jawaharnagar dumping yard has been started recently.

In BJP ruled states..
As compared to Telangana, the generation of electricity from waste is very less in other states of the country, especially in the BJP-ruled states. The statistics disclosed by the Center in the Rajya Sabha make it clear that only 11.5 megawatts of electricity is generated in Gujarat, 11.5 megawatts in Madhya Pradesh and 8 megawatts in Haryana. The Central Pollution Control Board has revealed that only two ponds are polluted in Telangana. In the BJP-ruled states of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka, around 50 ponds have been polluted.

Garbage piles destroyed
Spread over about 330 acres, the Jawaharnagar dumping yard used to accumulate tons of garbage in heaps. Due to this, the ground water in some surrounding areas has been polluted. When the garbage was burnt and when it rained, the situation in Jawaharnagar and its surrounding areas became worse. Telangana government has already solved this problem almost completely.

  • At a cost of Rs.146 crores, soil capping work has been undertaken in the area of ​​4.44 lakh square meters spread over the dumping yard.
  • About 6 lakh cubic tonnes of soil was used and capping it with a thickness of 150 mm.
  • Construction of diversion channel and percolation tanks has been undertaken at a cost of Rs.1.83 crores to divert the polluted rain water coming from the dumping yard.
  • With these measures, the area has now become a center of greenery.
  • Currently, a mobile reverse osmosis (RO) plant is being set up to purify water there.
  • Around 155 gas wells were installed in the landfill during capping itself. After purifying the methane and carbon dioxide coming through them, the gas will be used as fuel for vehicles.
  • As part of this, the Ranky company has set up a plant capable of producing 5 tonnes of gas per day. It has entered into an agreement with Bhagyanagar Gas Limited Company to sell that gas.
  • About Rs.11 crores were spent on the production of gas from garbage. It is known that the gas produced there will be sold at the rate of Rs.46 per kg.

Details of power generation at Jawaharnagar plant

Daily waste generation in Hyderabad – 5,500 tonnes

Waste incinerated so far – 1.75 lakh tonnes

Electricity generated – 56.6 billion units

PLF (Plant Load Factor) – 65 percent


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