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Earthquake: Killary’s memories fresh; Earthquake shocks villages in Nilanga taluka

Earthquake: Killary’s memories fresh; Earthquake shocks villages in Nilanga taluka
Earthquake: Killary’s memories fresh; Earthquake shocks villages in Nilanga taluka

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There was loud noise in Hasori village and other six villages of the taluka for the last fifteen days. On September 12th also at 10:30 PM the ground shook (underground movement) people in the area were terrified due to the fear of earthquake. Due to this, the citizens also raised their grievances against the administration directly to the Chief Minister of the state. Fearing an earthquake, people spent the night awake on the streets. On the other hand, the administration was getting away with claiming that there was no earthquake.

The villagers had informed the public representative and the administration that an earthquake-like shock was felt on September 5 and 7 in Hasori village of the taluka. After that, Geologists from Latur visited and discussed with the people on September 7. Also, this is not an earthquake and no such record has been recorded in the earthquake center, so people were advised not to panic.

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However, people felt the earthquake at 10:15 on Monday night. People came to the streets and screamed for their lives. While informing that the same noise was felt in the villages of Hasori, Khabiga, Usturi, Badur, Haribaiga, Bhootmugli, Bolegaon, the collector himself visited this village and assured that the teams from Delhi would be called soon to ensure that the citizens remain calm.

As no earthquake was reported anywhere in Latur and Nanded, the villagers had to be satisfied that it was an underground sound. Finally, two days ago, Dr. Scientist of the National Seismology Department in Delhi. Dr. Ajay Kumar Verma, Chief of Indian Meteorological Department. Rajeev Kumar Chawla visited the village and inspected it. Also since last fifteen days

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The satisfaction of District Disaster Management Department at Raigad is bitter, Yogeshwar Avle of Dhule Disaster Management Department stayed in the village from September 16 to September 22 and studied the entire matter. In that, on Friday 23rd at 3:38 AM, the ground shook again with a sound. Since this type is recorded as 2.0 scale on the website and the previous tremors have also been proved to be earthquakes.

At present, the officials of the Revenue Department and the Disaster Management Department have been dispatched to the village and the records of the ready and raw houses are being taken. It is said that the epicenter of the earthquake is on the south side of the village.

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