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Kanuka Munula Manikya

Torn bags

Bad conditions for students

– Eenadu Digital, Srikakulam, – NewsToday, Team

The state government has introduced the Jagananna Vidyakanuka scheme to provide bags, books and uniforms to students studying in government schools. As part of this, a book bag, three pairs of uniform clothes, belt, shoes, socks, writing and text books were given to each student as educational gift. The gift of the government has become like the love of Moonnalla. The quality is poor. Shoes and socks are also the same in some places. Two months have passed since all this happened to the students. By now they were all worn out and useless.

These are the bags supplied by the education department to the students staying in the BC hostel in Kotabommali mandal centre. The students threw it aside as it was completely torn within two months. Many people buy books outside.

– Newstoday, Kotabommali

This is the bag being used by a student in Panukupartha Primary School, Burja Mandal. At least it became too much to sew. As there is no bag big enough to hold the pad, he is carrying it with his hand and carrying books in the tattered bag.

– NewsToday, Burj

Class wise supply

Students were given class-wise sized bags. 1st to 3rd class were given small size bags, 4th to 6th medium size bags and 7th to 10th class were given large size bags. These were supplied to 2,657 primary, secondary and high schools in 30 mandals of the district.

Even if it is said that it will be of good quality..

The government is spending about Rs.2 thousand per student for educational materials. In the past, the government said that bags and shoes should be the same at least every year, and the standards will be followed to the fullest extent. The actual situation is different. The parents of the children complain that they thought that the bags, shoes and socks provided by the government would be of good quality, but after two months this has changed and the problems have not gone away.

The district received 54,000 bags in the first phase in six mandals. The officials who checked the quality of these supplied by the monopolist found the defects and sent them back. It was learned that the monopolist had taken them to another district near Sikkolu. After that, even if the bags were brought again and supplied, there was no change in the quality. These were handed over to the students in installments.

The bags given in MPUP School of Pedaraupalli, Laveru Mandal were zipped and made like this. Some students have to sew these and use them too much in mandatory situations.

– Newstoday, Laveru

In ZDP High School of Saravakota, these pins are being used. This was done in two months. Students say that the bags bought outside would last at least till the end of the academic year.

– Newstoday, Saravakota

We rejected them

We rejected some of the bags and shoes that arrived at the beginning of the school year as they were in poor condition. Later it was supplied again. In some places, the staff say that the bags received by the students are a little torn. We will inform the superiors.

– Jayaprakash, APD, Comprehensive Punishment

The article is in Telugu

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