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The man who cheated wearing the uniform of a police officer was caught lying to a woman constable of Delhi Police and married

Gwalior, Naidunia Representative! The accused, who duped people by wearing the uniform of the inspector, has been caught by the police. Wearing a uniform, he would sometimes go to the hotel and sometimes stand at the mouths of the city and start collecting money from the truck and dumper drivers. He used to cheat people even by taking money from them. Not only this, he also implicated a woman constable of Delhi Police by lying, and married her by pretending to be a police officer of MP. When he was caught, the lady constable came to know about him. The arrested accused have cheated not only in Gwalior but also in Shivpuri, Morena, Dholpur, Jhansi, Delhi and other cities.

Actually, in Gwalior, two youths were cheated by a young man, who used to call himself a police officer. He had met youths at the gym in Thatipur. He absconded with Rs 9,000 from them. He also wore a uniform. CSP Murar Rishikesh Meena told that they were searching for the accused. He was arrested on Friday. When questioned, he was told that he had cheated many people. He used to take people in the guise of wearing the uniform of the inspector. Then he used to cheat saying that he needed money. Not only this, he also used to make illegal recovery by threatening the truck driver and dumper drivers. He befriended a lady constable of Delhi Police, married her. Not only this, the marriage was fixed in Jhansi by telling the inspector, he also took money from the family members of the girls in the name of dowry. When his reality came to know, an FIR was lodged. An FIR is also registered against him in Jhansi. The lady constable has been informed about her arrest. The female constable could not come to Gwalior till night.

Sometimes Shivpuri and sometimes Gwalior used to tell Posting: After cheating the accused used to go to another city. Walked on bullet. Sometimes he used to tell his posting in Shivpuri and sometimes in Gwalior.

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