half past five in the morning; The housewife who was cutting jackfruit behind the house was robbed of a necklace covering her face

First Published Jan 24, 2023, 10:56 PM IST

Thrissur: A housewife who was cutting jackfruit behind her house was attacked and robbed of her necklace in Tirur, Thrissur. Seema, a native of Angadi, Tirur East, was robbed of two and a half pawan necklaces. The police recovered the bicycle from the vicinity where the suspect is believed to have arrived. The theft happened around 5:30 this morning. The thief sneaked into the house and broke the necklace of Seema, who was cutting jackfruit at the back.

The theft was done while the face of the housewife was covered. Meanwhile, the thief’s finger got stuck in the housewife’s mouth. The thief ran after the housewife bit her finger. The housewife lost a tooth. A bicycle believed to belong to the thief was found nearby. It is concluded that this cycle was sent from Mundapilli to Meshan. People including forensic experts reached the spot and conducted the inspection.

The Viyur police started an investigation focusing on the CCTV footage of the area. Meanwhile, a thief who came on a bike in Puthupadi Perumbally cut off the gold bangle of a six-year-old girl and made away with it. A gold bangle weighing three and a half pounds was stolen from the hand of Ayesha, the daughter of the Perumbally Pandarapetti Shihabuddin-Tasni couple. The incident happened on Monday. On Tasni’s complaint, the Thamarassery police registered a case and started an investigation.

Ayesha, who was returning from the madrasa, was approached by a young man on a bike near the Anganwadi at the bend towards Chamal Road. A chubby young man in two colors raised the glass of his helmet and spoke to the girl. Ayesha told her parents that she held the bangle in her hand and tried to take it off, saying, ‘I am taking this bangle, I am going to sell it.’ When the bangle could not be removed, it was cut using a weapon like scissors. At this time, there were other children who were returning from the madrasa. The family came to know about the matter when the girl came home and informed that “an Ikkaka came and took the bangle to sell”. Then a complaint was lodged with the police.

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