Income of Rs. 6 lakh per month with land.. One idea changed life

It is Rajasthan. Desert area is mostly. After the matter of irrigation.. drinking water also has to face a lot of difficulties. Agriculture is difficult in the lands due to waterlogging. All the lands have turned into fields. A doctor is creating miracles in such a place. The doctor, who is a farmer by nature, is growing the crop of sirula. He is earning lakhs every month by setting up a solar power plant on the land that is lying idle. And on how much land did he set up a solar plant? How much did it cost? How much electricity is produced? Who is selling it to? How much does he earn per month? Let’s know the details here.

Solar Plant (Image: Youtube/EVTravelXP)

Amit Singh Yadav hails from Kotputli town in Rajasthan and is a doctor by profession. They also have agricultural land. Hence there is awareness about agriculture. But due to the geographical and climatic conditions here, there is a problem of water, so the crops are not harvested much. That is why their land has not been cultivated for some time. He has a hospital in Kotputti. However, solar panels were installed a few years ago to reduce the current costs of the hospital. By that they would have saved Rs.15 thousand per month. That’s when Amit Yadav became interested in solar power. He came to know about the PM Kusum Yojana brought by the central government to promote solar energy. If you set up a solar power plant on your land, the government will buy electricity from it at a fixed rate. Amit Yadav liked this idea and set up a solar plant in his two acres of land.

Amit Singh Yadav (Image: Youtube/EVTravelXP)

A solar power plant with a capacity of 1.1 Mega Watts has been set up on a total of 2 acres of land. 3400 solar panels of 330 watts capacity have been installed. This plant generates an average of 5 thousand units of electricity every day. 5,500 units of electricity per day in summer and 3500 units in winter. DC current is generated in solar plant. Convert it to AC.. 3 km. is supplied to a distant substation. The government itself buys the electricity generated in Amit Yadav’s plant. He has made an agreement with the government for this. Price fixed for 25 years. If 5000 units of electricity are produced every day.. he is selling it at Rs.4 per unit. At the rate of Rs.20,000 every day, the income will be Rs.6 lakh per month.

But the biggest hurdle in this is… investment. The cost of setting up a solar plant at this level is in crores. It costs up to Rs.4 crores to set up a 1 mega watt solar system. But since he was working as a doctor, he did not have much trouble with the banks giving easy loans. Amit Yadav set up a solar plant with that money and is now earning lakhs. He said that the loan taken by him…will be cleared in five years…after that all the income will be profit. He stated that two men are enough to run the solar plant. He is running the plant while continuing his profession as a doctor. He said that after he set up the solar plant, 200 more people showed interest in it.

First published:January 25, 2023, 06:49 IST

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