Ambedkar inspired republican state in the country: Dr. Lakshman

Ambedkar inspired republican state in the country: Dr. Lakshman
Ambedkar inspired republican state in the country: Dr. Lakshman

A republic means that the people are the government and the government is the people. After independence, a Constituent Assembly was formed under the chairmanship of Dr. Babu Rajendra Prasad. On 29 August 1947, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar was the chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee. After several amendments, the Constitution of India was approved by the Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949. The Constitution, completed in two years, 11 months and 18 days, is recognized as the largest written constitution in the world. The Constitution came into force on January 26, 1950. Since then, our country has become a sovereign, sovereign, secular and democratic republic. Constitutionalism is the cornerstone of democracy. At present, the rulers of the country are ruling by following the basic principles of the constitution.

Preamble to the Constitution

The Preamble of our Constitution mandates to provide social, economic and political justice to all citizens of India. The Modi government is ruling the country with the same spirit. Our Constitution begins with the sentence We the people of India. In a democratic government, participation of people in governance, accountability of public representatives, officials and judiciary to the people is crucial. It is the constitution that gives them legitimacy. Constitution is an important tool to ensure the rights and freedoms of all sections of the society. Equality is being granted to all the citizens without giving room for caste, religion, gender, regional and language discrimination. Thus, the foundation was laid for our country to move on the path of progress. Our visionary constitution makers had full faith in nationalism. We have crossed many milestones in the past seven decades. The Constitution guarantees six fundamental rights. Protection of these rights is the responsibility of our governments.

Fruits of development for all..

Dr BR Ambedkar was a great statesman, economist, political leader and the first Union Law Minister of independent India. His ideas, theories and philosophies laid a strong foundation for our race and nation today. Ambedkar dedicated his entire life for equality, human rights and social justice. As the first Minister of Law, he hoped that the fruits of development should be shared equally with all and to build a society free from discrimination. But the efforts of the governments since independence did not realize his ideas. But the central government formed in 2014 under the leadership of Narendra Modi is relentlessly pursuing these goals. While forming the government, the Prime Minister announced that he would dedicate himself to the welfare of Dalits, marginalized and downtrodden communities. Since then the actions and policies of the government have followed the ‘Antyodaya Gala’. Ambedkar’s life mantra ‘Bahujan Hitaya, Bahujan Sukhaya’ has always been central to Prime Minister Modi’s development model.

Education and medicine are important

After Prime Minister Modi came to power, the number of IITs, IIMs, IIITs and other higher education institutes in the country has increased in the education sector. Inspired by Ambedkar’s vision and his own beliefs, Prime Minister Modi is working to strengthen the education sector with a focus on primary and higher education. 208 medical colleges have been started in the last eight years. The number of medical seats has increased from 78 thousand to one lakh. To meet the shortage of doctors in the country, the central government is providing various schemes to make good medical facilities available to the poor people. Ayushman Bharat Scheme is one of these. Beneficiaries up to Rs.5 lakh are being provided free of charge under this scheme. Up to 10 crore families are likely to benefit through this scheme. This is the world’s largest health insurance scheme undertaken by the government.


The country’s infrastructure has improved in the last eight years. Electricity has reached remote areas. Through 45 crore bank accounts, more than Rs.31 thousand crores were transferred to women during the crisis. BHIM app is an example of a robust digital payment system. Women-centric and women-led development is the cornerstone of this government. – Provided gas cylinders to 12 crore women under Ujjwala Yojana scheme. Maternity leave has been increased from 12 weeks to 26 weeks. The Mudra Yojana is helping to provide collateral-free loans of Rs.18 lakh crore to 34 crore SC, ST and OBCs. In line with Dr. Ambedkar’s vision to uplift the SC youth, the Modi government launched the Ambedkar Social Innovation and Incubation Mission in 2020. It has trained 2.27 lakh youth for inclusion in skilled human resources. The state insurance salary limit for employees has been raised to Rs 21 thousand from just Rs 15 thousand before 2014. As a mark of respect to Ambedkar, the Modi government has installed Panch Tirth and his statue in Parliament. With the new education system, Prime Minister Modi is working towards Ambedkar’s sentiments of providing education in mother tongue. Four labor codes, a universal account number for workers to replace several complex laws is the fruit of Modi’s vision. The current policies of the government reflect the essence of the concept of India envisioned by Ambedkar.

-Dr. Laxman, Member of Rajya Sabha, National President of OBC Morcha

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