Bihar’s self-sufficient village: Every hand of Kasera Tola is skilled, brass utensils are in demand in many places including Delhi

Bihar’s self-sufficient village: Every hand of Kasera Tola is skilled, brass utensils are in demand in many places including Delhi
Bihar’s self-sufficient village: Every hand of Kasera Tola is skilled, brass utensils are in demand in many places including Delhi

Report: Ashish Kumar

West Champaran. As soon as the name of Bihar’s West Champaran comes to mind, many historical events start floating in front of the eyes. Champaran is special in many ways because it has been successful in preserving its old heritage to a great extent. Even in today’s modern times, the old method of making tools is maintained in Champaran. Let us introduce you to one such village of Champaran, Kasera Tola, where people have been engaged in making metal utensils for many generations.

In fact, Kasera Tola located in Majhaulia block of West Champaran, Bihar is known for preparing metal utensils by hand. The population of this village is around 1500, where utensils are made by carving old brass in about 150 houses in an attractive way. The special thing is that the artisans here prepare utensils with the help of very limited tools. Utensils are supplied to Bihar including Delhi, UP, Bengal and Jharkhand.

from your city (West Champaran)

West Champaran

West Champaran

The tradition of making utensils has been going on from generation to generation.
Ashok Shah, a resident of Kasera Tola village, told that the tradition of making utensils has been going on in his place since generations. Village Secretary Rajan Kumar told that this work is going on generation after generation in the entire village. The biggest thing is that without the help of any modern machine, about 5 to 10 types of utensils are made very beautifully with the help of a few traditional tools. It includes plate, bell, jhal and ladle and many other things.

One thousand kg of brass is consumed daily
Rajan told that about one thousand kg of brass utensils are prepared daily in the village. The weight of one thali is about 1 kg. 150 to 200 such plates are prepared in a day. Similarly, 100 to 120 bells weighing about 3 to 4 kg and about 150 to 200 ladles weighing 500 grams are prepared by skilled artisans by hand. They are supplied in entire Bihar including Delhi, Bengal, Jharkhand and UP.

wages based on weight
Sandeep, who is engaged in the work of making brass utensils, says that after many hours of hard work, when he goes to the shops to sell it in the market, then he gets wages only on the basis of the weight of the utensils. In fact, the people of the village bring old brass from the shopkeepers of the city, in return for which they have to give a made utensil of the same weight to the shopkeeper. Apart from this, shopkeepers give them wages equal to their weight at the rate of Rs 80 per kg. If the weight of a plate is 1 kg, then the shopkeeper will give only 100 rupees for it. The biggest thing is that the wages keep fluctuating according to the price of brass.

Bettiah Raj had given shelter to the people of Kasera caste
Rajan told News18 Local that the people who settled in Kasera village have come from Nepal and other states who were first settled in Bihar by Bettiah Raj. With this a new direction was given to his workmanship, since then he remained in Bihar only. Bihar government is now giving many facilities to the skilled artisans of Kasera caste settled by Bettiah Raj, in which no tax is collected from them. Along with this, he has received a grant of about Rs 5.50 crore from the government to give a new direction to his employment. With the help of this amount, furnace and rolling machines have been installed by constructing a building for all the artisans in the village.

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