Uttarakhand medical department is very unhappy

Uttarakhand medical department is very unhappy
Uttarakhand medical department is very unhappy

Uttarakhand Medical Department is deeply dissatisfied. If we go to the actual matter…the whereabouts of 109 people working as doctors in the government hospitals of the Uttarakhand medical department is in doubt. Efforts are being made to locate those doctors who have not been present for duty for the past few years.
Although the names of those doctors are in the records of the medical department, they are not found in the hospitals. Those doctors have not provided information about their whereabouts to the authorities for four years. Uttarakhand Medical Department has decided to blacklist them and remove them from their duties. If this decision comes into force, it will not be possible for those 109 doctors to come back as doctors in government hospitals.

AM Johri, Joint Director (Admin) of Uttarakhand Medical Department said that show cause notices have already been given to those doctors and soon they will be removed from service. Meanwhile, it seems that some of the doctors who have gone missing have studied medicine through a government scheme and joined the jobs. If the bond is written that they must work in government hospitals for 2-3 years after completing their medical education, the government will give huge concessions in the cost of their medical education. But the medical department of Uttarakhand has faced a strange situation as those who have completed their medical education using such concessions are also left unaccounted for.

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