How Netflix’s Khaki star IPS officer Amit Lodha eliminated gangsters in Bihar by becoming Singham

How Netflix’s Khaki star IPS officer Amit Lodha eliminated gangsters in Bihar by becoming Singham
How Netflix’s Khaki star IPS officer Amit Lodha eliminated gangsters in Bihar by becoming Singham

About 25 years ago, there was a time when Bihar was notorious across the country for incidents like murder, dacoity and kidnapping. Every day some news related to crime would be in the headlines there. Not only children were migrating very fast for studies outside Bihar, but educated doctors, engineers and elite people used to shy away from going to Bihar because they do not know when they or any member of their family might be kidnapped. Go Don’t know who will shoot at the slightest thing. In such a situation no one would have thought that that slim 5.8 inch tall IPS officer Amit Lodha would bite the dust of the criminals.

1997 batch IPS Amit Lodha says, “Though I had heard stories about it from some of my friends in Bihar, it was not known that the situation would be so bad.” In Lodha’s own words, ‘This place was hundreds of kilometers away from my native Rajasthan, but like any other young officer, I was brimming with enthusiasm and all I could think of on my way there was what I could do in my Karmabhoomi. Am.’

Lodha, who reached Bihar at the age of 25, was posted in every district of Bihar where crime was at its peak or which were considered to be strongholds of criminals. Be it Nalanda or Begusarai or talk about Sheikhpura, Muzaffarpur and Gaya. In 2006, by sending Ashok Mahto, known as Gabbar Singh of Sheikhpura, and his accomplice Pintu Mahto to jail, he did what big policemen could not dare to do.

Matchless, Honest and Public Officer

It was a difficult period for Bihar. The police was helpless. The criminal was extremely vicious but Lodha’s boss during that time was the former DG of Bihar Police S.K. Bhardwaj says, ‘He cannot be compared to anyone. He is matchless. He is an honest officer as well as a public officer.

Amit has put forward his 25 years of career in the form of two books. One of these books, Bihar Diaries, caught the eye of Bollywood’s well-known director Neeraj Pandey, so he decided to make a webseries on it and which is going to be released on Netflix today. Karan Tacker is playing the role of IPS Lodha in Khakee-The Bihar Chapter. Umashankar Singh, who gives the shape of screen play to the stories based on the true incidents of Bihar, is also from Saharsa (Bihar).

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Uma Shankar told ThePrint, “The book is written in the form of a diary. But its incidents were so tremendous that it was a lot of fun to weave and decorate the story on it. Uma says that at one time incidents like theft, dacoity and kidnapping in Bihar were often covered in the national media. Did a little research about the events of that era and took a lot of creative liberty in writing the story. Nevertheless, he is hopeful that the audience will like this web series, which shows the real incident very closely.

With the preparation of Bihar Diaries coming on the screen, the stories of Amit Lodha’s bravery are once again in the headlines. How he took on the worst criminals without wasting time. The arrest of Ashok Mahto and his accomplice Pintu Mahto is one of the major successes of his career. Between 2000-2006, the Ashok Mahto gang, known as Gabbar Singh of Sheikhpura, had created a ruckus in the entire area.

Lodha says, ‘There was a war-like situation between the Bhumihar and Koiri castes. In 2005, more than 15 people were killed in a gang war here in two nights. Ashok Mahto and Pinto, synonymous with terror in the area, were accused of killing more than 40 people, including a former MP Rajo Singh, a block development officer and three policemen.

Shortly after Nitish Kumar took over as Chief Minister, Amit Lodha was sent to Sheikhpura. He says, ‘I was sent from Nalanda to Sheikhpura in May 2006 with the responsibility of controlling the Ashok Mahto gang. And on August 13, that is, within three months, this dreaded criminal was in my custody. Along with Ashok Mahto, he also sent Pintu Mahto to jail, who was also in the headlines in 2002 due to the Nalanda jailbreak incident.

Lodha gives the credit of his success to the cooperation he got from the officers of the department as well as his junior colleagues at every step. Also tells how the way of thinking like criminals helped them. Specifically referring to Ashok Mahto, Lodha says, ‘After taking this case in hand, I first thought that what would Ashok Mahto be thinking, what could be his next step.’ According to Lodha, Pintu Mahto has been released from jail but Ashok Mahto is still lodged in a jail in Bhagalpur.

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the prediction turned out to be correct,

Narrating an interesting anecdote related to his life, Amit Lodha tells that when he was young, an astrologer had told his mother that her son would make a big name in the world of crime. After this, his mother started to fear that her son might become a criminal. However, this future proved to be true to a great extent, and as an IPS officer, he not only earned a name by cracking down on big criminals, now a web series based on his life will also be in front of people soon.

However, the life of Amit Lodha, who solved cases related to hundreds of dreaded criminals, has been much more challenging than the movie it seems after reading the book. He says that during the campaign to nab the criminals, not only his life was at stake twice, but he also had to face threats regarding his family. But in front of his passion to overcome crimes, he never cared about all this.

Bhardwaj, an 84 batch IPS officer, says he is a ‘complete officer’. In a nearly 15-minute conversation with ThePrint, Bhardwaj praised Lodha and said he was proud of him. He says, ‘When Amit became SP Nalanda, I was IG Operations. Then Begusarai and then Gaya.. I was his boss everywhere. Many times I got angry because of his quick decision making, but you keep getting convinced of his ‘honesty’.

Lodha, a 1997 batch officer, reached BSF on deputation after being posted in various districts of Bihar as an IPS for nearly 16 years. He served there from 2013 to 2020. This brave officer, who held the post of DIG in BSF, is currently posted as IG in the State Crime Records Bureau.

Amit Lodha saw many ups and downs in his life and career and also came in the midst of controversies. These days, the investigation of the Economic Offenses Wing is going on against him for taking action against his own department colleagues regarding the copyright case and corruption for making a film on his book. In fact, in the investigation done on his behalf in a case related to the liquor mafia, another IPS Aditya Kumar was said to be involved in corruption. Such news also came in headlines regarding this that when Aditya Kumar was SP in Gaya, then Lodha was IG there. During this, both the officers did not get along. The result of this tension of this investigation was told. However, Aditya Kumar is currently absconding in this case.

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Courage brought recognition as well as respect

It has always been the endeavor of Lodha to become such an officer who is easy to reach. Till 2000, despite being the SP of the district, Lodha did not have a mobile phone. But he himself used to pick up every call that came on the landline, even if it was three o’clock in the night. Those who know Amit closely tell that it has been his habit that he himself used to reach the crime spot first. It has been beneficial for them from understanding the case to solving it.

Mentioning an incident related to his working style, Amit says that during his posting in Nalanda in 2000, incidents of kidnapping were increasing in the district. During the same time, once a rickshaw puller was abducted and also a Bihari doctor who had come from abroad. The police department was under pressure. Amit says, ‘I was thinking that why would someone kidnap a rickshaw puller…how to investigate it. Then I got a call from an informer that some people have stayed at one place, their activities are not looking right.

As soon as he received this information on the phone at 3 o’clock in the night, Amit hurriedly reached the place with his team and after a brief encounter, was able to control the miscreants. When he went inside to find the rickshaw puller, he found a man in a suit and boot tie in the dark room, who on seeing the policeman started crying bitterly hugging him. He was a doctor. However, the rickshaw puller was also found on the same day, but the news of doctor’s release made headlines in the newspapers.

This enthusiastic young man was never afraid of taking risks at every step to bring the dreaded criminals behind the bars and would not die without solving the case in which he put his hand. In 2008, he got one such big success when nine Naxalites were arrested in Rampur police station area and sent behind bars. He was also awarded the Police Medal for Gallantry Award for this.

For some ‘role model’ and for some ‘cool commander’

Always alert and alert, IPS Amit Lodha is a role model for many subordinate officers and subordinates. Be it a security guard posted in the Jaisalmer Border Security Force or an officer, he wants to see Lodha back as his boss. Raghvendra Kumar Mishra, an officer who worked with him, who is currently posted in the Housing Cooperation in Delhi Police, says, Amit Lodha is a ‘cool commander’. He is ‘full of positivity’, who used to expand his chest when he told his subordinates, ‘I have full faith in you.’

Mishra says that in his career of 22 years, he probably never learned as much as he had by working with Amit Lodha from 2016 to September 2020. It was only after being with him that I came to know that the commander should never panic. Rather, his job is to instill confidence in those below him and take care of their minor needs.

Raghavendra, who was his colleague in BSF, says that when DIG Amit was returning to Patna after serving in BSF, the eyes of every officer and jawan were moist, he was going to miss him a lot. After all, no officer before him had thought so much about the jawans posted at the Jaisalmer border—where the mercury usually crosses 50 degrees Celsius. It was Amit who thought of the best goggles for the soldiers posted on the border.

During the posting of Amit Lodha in Jaisalmer, K.K. Sharma says, ‘Amit has worked with me in BSF. He is an outstanding and balanced officer. His operational performance was no less than an asset for us. Sharma told that he took the initiative to find new ways with the help of technology for border security. Along with this, welfare schemes like Financial Literacy Program were also implemented for the force.

According to Sharma, he is an IIT graduate and used his skills to create an app like Bharat Ke Veer for the Ministry of Home Affairs so that people can donate directly to the families of the martyrs. He has also been traveling continuously for awareness among the people. Amit himself is proud of his ‘Bharat Ke Veer’ initiative. He along with film actor Akshay Kumar raised Rs 350 crore for this.

depression, love for uniform, new spirit

However, Amit was neither cool nor positive all the time. There was a time in his life when the feeling of suicide also came in his mind. While studying at St. Xavier’s School, Jaipur, Amit used to be an introvert, shy, quiet and a loner. However, playing squash since childhood always helped him to move ahead.

Was good at studies. His maths and physics were good because of which he passed IIT. Got admission in IIT Delhi which is considered number one in the country. But engineering was not understood at all..was not interested in it. Since I was not interested in studies, the numbers were also not coming. The always topper in the school was now living in the complex.

Amit gets a little shy remembering those days. He says, ‘During that time I liked everyone except myself. I was in depression. Was becoming submissive..I think I am the ugliest. The personality was also not good. This was the time when they would have become friends but no one wanted to make them a part of their party. Amit says, ‘No one wanted to take me anywhere with them.’

According to Amit, who was a good squash player, ‘I was facing failure in every tournament held in IIT. Because of this many times even the thought of suicide came in my mind. After somehow passing IIT, when he reached home, he even stopped leaving the room. There was neither time to wake up nor to sleep. Even the family members were defeated after explaining. Amit says, ‘But times changed and some friends encouraged him. Mother also used to inspire me to do something or the other every day. He says that finally he prepared for UPSC and got selected. Amit says, ‘Training as an IPS in Mussoorie filled a new spirit in me. Then I never looked back. He fell in love with the uniform so much that he wreaked havoc on the criminals in Bihar.

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