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Pakistani Hindus houses bulldozed after order of Jaisalmer collector Tina Dabi in Rajasthan. Hindus who came from Pakistan became homeless again, after the order of Collector Tina Dabi, bulldozers ran on houses

Image Source: INDIA TV
Action was taken to run the bulldozer on the orders of Collector Tina Dabi.

Jaipur: Houses of Hindu families living in Amar Sagar area of ​​Rajasthan’s Jaisalmer district were razed to the ground with bulldozers. These Hindu families came to India after being displaced from Pakistan and were living in this area for a long time. This action of bulldozing the houses of Pakistani Hindus was carried out under the leadership of UIT Assistant Engineer after the order of District Collector Tina Dabi. Houses of people living in Amar Sagar area were razed to the ground in the presence of heavy police force, forcing women and children to come out on the road in the scorching heat.

All the stuff scattered on the road

According to reports, these people who somehow came to India after escaping the terror and repression of the government in Pakistan, were living in Amar Sagar for a long time, but on the orders of District Collector Tina Dabi, their houses were demolished. This action of the administration was also opposed by the women of these Hindu families, but the administration team which arrived with heavy police force demolished their houses. Now there is no shade on the heads of these people in this scorching heat. Women are in bad condition by crying, goods are scattered on the road and there is no one to take care of them.

Image Source: INDIA TV

The administration fired bulldozers at the homes of Pakistani Hindus.

In India too the roof was snatched from the head
Let us tell you that a large number of Hindus persecuted in Pakistan have come and settled in the districts near the border in Rajasthan. The condition of these Hindus who came to India due to persecution from across the border is not very good here also, but still they had a roof over their heads and at least they were living their lives without any fear. However, the recent action of the Jaisalmer administration has once again created a big crisis in front of them. Now these families have neither a roof over their heads, nor any place that they can call their own for the time being.

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