Jayant Patil Son Royal Wedding In Islampur

Jayant Patil Son Royal Wedding In Islampur
Jayant Patil Son Royal Wedding In Islampur

Jayant Patil: The marriage ceremony of NCP state president Jayant Patil with Chiranjeev Prateek Patil will be held tomorrow (November 27) in Rajaram Nagar area of ​​Rajarambapu Sugar Factory in Islampur, Sangli. The discussion of this marriage is currently going on all over the state. Two lakh marriage cards, big awnings, village roads are also glittered. Preparations are being made in Islampur for the royal wedding of Pratik Patil. Along with this, the leaders of the state will also get to see Mandiali in this wedding.

Jayant Patal’s son Prateek Patil and industrialist Rahul Kirloskar’s daughter Alika Kirloskar will get married tomorrow evening on Goraj Muhurta at 5:35 minutes. Preparations for their marriage are currently underway in Islampur. For the past few days, the discussion of this marriage was going on in political circles as well as at the social level. Therefore, the curiosity of what exactly will be seen in this marriage ceremony has reached its peak.

Mandiali of leaders, ministers
Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, NCP President Mr. Sharad Pawar, opposition leader Ajit Pawar, MP Supriya Sule, former minister Aditya Thackeray, many ministers, MPs, MLAs, presidents of sugar mills, state level leaders of various parties are likely to enter Islampur. At this time, it will be important to see who exactly will come and forget about politics and how the family atmosphere will be.

Two lakh magazines of three types
About two lakh pamphlets of this royal marriage have been distributed. It includes three types of leaflets. Three types of leaflets have been distributed, one for dignitaries, one for relatives and one for the people of the constituency. Therefore, it is known that a large number of people will come to the wedding.

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An arrangement where five thousand people can eat at the same time
There is a possibility that there will be a big crowd in this wedding ceremony. Therefore, a large canopy has been erected. A large seating arrangement has been made in front of the stage. Apart from this, a separate room has been provided for women. Arrangements have been made for food in the seed planting area and it has been arranged that around five thousand people will eat at one time. Security has also been heavily deployed so that there is no hindrance to the marriage.

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