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Delhi Crime: A person who became a bureaucrat cheated Rs 55 crore by showing the dream of a house

Delhi Crime: A person who became a bureaucrat cheated Rs 55 crore by showing the dream of a house
Delhi Crime: A person who became a bureaucrat cheated Rs 55 crore by showing the dream of a house

New Delhi, Jagran Correspondent. Bureaucrat-turned-entrepreneur Dr. Neh Srivastava has been arrested by the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police on charges of cheating. The accused has cheated investors of Rs 55 crore by showing the dream of a house. The accused has been an Under Secretary in the Government of India. He had taken voluntary retirement after the case was registered in EOW. The police officer said that in 2020, Dr. Bacha Lal of Jhilmil Colony complained of cheating and cheating against the Central Secretariat Service Officer Society (CSSOS). Neh Srivastava was the president of the society.

Land pooling policy cited

It was told in the complaint that he wanted to buy a house in Delhi. One of his friends told about CSSOS of Dwarka. He met the President of the Society Neh Srivastava and other members. Who told that the society is providing flats under the land pooling policy. The flat will be given to the officers. He told that he is in touch with the Ministry of Home Affairs and DDA.

Fake news found in documents in investigation

A large number of developers, builders and societies have already acquired land in the area as the land rates were expected to double in a year. DDA has started development of the land. Coming to his words, he invested Rs 50,000 in the society. However, one of his relatives spoke negatively about the office bearers of the society. After that he went to the DDA office. Where it came to know that all the documents of the society are fake. During investigation, it was revealed that the accused induced home buyers by showing them documents allegedly issued by the DDA under the Land Pooling Policy. And got an investment of about Rs 100 crore from many investors.

Bought land at inflated price

On investigation it was found that the registration of the society was canceled by the Registrar of Societies. The DDA also informed that no license or approval has been given to any housing project in Dwarka under the Land Pooling Policy. The accused bought the land at an inflated price. But the landowners were not paid as per the sale deed. The society bought the land for only Rs 45 crore out of 100 crore and Neh Srivastava transferred the rest of the money to her mother’s company Aditya Reality Pvt Ltd. The accused showed in the accounts that the land was purchased for Rs 75 crore, whereas only Rs 45 crore was paid to the owners of the land.

VRS was taken as soon as the FIR was lodged

The police team has arrested the accused Dr. Neh Srivastava from Sector-9, Vaishali, Ghaziabad. Police said that Srivastava is a PhD degree holder. He was an Under Secretary in the Government of India and had taken VRS after the FIR was registered. After resigning, he became an entrepreneur and started running a business.

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