Controversy on rank 44 of upsc result 2022 news update

Controversy on rank 44 of upsc result 2022 news update
Controversy on rank 44 of upsc result 2022 news update

Controversy has erupted between Tushar Kumar of Bihar and Haryana regarding the 44th rank in UPSC Result 2022. Tushar Kumar of Haryana has claimed that he has got success. While Tushar Kumar of Bihar who…

Admit Card of Tushar of Bihar and Haryana


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UPSC Result Controversy: When the result of UPSC 2022 came, there was a festive atmosphere in the house and village of Tushar Kumar (Tushar Kumar UPSC), a resident of Sultanganj Udhadih under Bhagalpur district of Bihar. Tushar has got 44th rank in UPSC exam. Tushar’s success in Bhagalpur district is discussed on every tongue. There is an influx of congratulators. Tushar has been successful in the BPSC exam and is currently working as an Under Election Officer in Kaimur. He has cleared the UPSC exam in the sixth attempt. Before this, he came out of the interview five times. When the result of Tushar came, suddenly a controversy also came to the fore.

Claim of Tushar of Haryana..

A Tushar Kumar from Haryana has claimed that he is the same Tushar who has got 44th rank in UPSC. Tushar’s parents, a resident of Mohalla Satti Colony, Rewari, have passed away. Self. Brajmohan Saini’s son Tushar has also shown his admit card claiming that the same roll number is mentioned in the admit card of Tushar of Bihar.

Bihar’s Tushar claims..

And when this controversy broke out Prabhat Khabar Digital spoke to Tushar Kumar, a resident of Bhagalpur, Bihar, In this sequence, Tushar Kumar of Bihar told that only he has been successful and what Tushar Kumar of Haryana is claiming is completely misleading. Tushar Kumar of Bihar said that he spoke to Tushar of Haryana on phone and asked why he is spreading confusion. Tushar, a resident of Bihar, claimed that the admit card of Tushar of Haryana is forged. It has been made by editing and does not even have the water mark of UPSC.

Admit Card of Tushar of Haryana

Tushar of Haryana is spreading confusion – Tushar of Bhagalpur claimed

Tushar from Bihar told that Tushar from Haryana is just creating atmosphere and he has spread this thing in his coaching also. UPSC will separate milk and water. Tushar told that when the exam form has to be filled, during that time there are many such documents which I asked from Haryana’s Tushar but he does not want to give them. Tushar of Bihar claims that he is relaxed and is engaged in further process. Please tell that UPSC itself will now clear in this dispute that who is right and who has got success. Such cases have also come to the fore in the past.

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