Satyendra Jain Bail: Relief to Satyendra Jain from Supreme Court, 6 weeks interim bail due to illness

Satyendra Jain Bail: Relief to Satyendra Jain from Supreme Court, 6 weeks interim bail due to illness
Satyendra Jain Bail: Relief to Satyendra Jain from Supreme Court, 6 weeks interim bail due to illness

Satyendar Jain Bail: The Supreme Court has granted interim bail for 6 weeks to Satyendar Jain, who was in jail for the last one year in a money laundering case. He has been given this bail on health grounds to improve his declining health. Jain’s health was bad for the last few days. On Thursday (May 25), he fainted in the washroom of the jail, after which he was admitted to LNJP Hospital.

The ED opposed the hearing in the Supreme Court regarding his bail. The lawyer appearing for the ED said that Satyendar Jain has been the jail and health minister in the Delhi government, so the report of LNJP hospital cannot be trusted. We demand that an independent medical board of AIIMS doctors examine his health and on the basis of that, if it feels that he should be granted bail, then the court is free to take its decision.

After hearing the counsel appearing for ED, the court granted interim bail to Satyendar Jain for 6 weeks. The court has given him armed bail.

What happened in the court proceedings?
Abhishek Manu Singhvi appeared in the Supreme Court on the bail plea of ​​Satyendar Jain. He said, today I am demanding bail only on health grounds. On this, Additional Solicitor General PS Raju, appearing for the ED, said, health checkup should be done by the panel of AIIMS. We cannot trust the report of LNJP, he has been the health minister of Delhi, knows the doctors. These should be examined by the panel of AIIMS or RML.

Singhvi- He has been in jail for 1 year, his health has deteriorated. All the prisoners of Tihar are examined in LNJP only.

Judge ED- What is the reason for saying that you do not trust the report given before us.

ASG- In the case of the minister, we cannot trust him, Jain was the health minister as well as the jail minister. It was easy for him to get his reports from both the places. When we demanded an inquiry from AIIMS in the High Court, they had withdrawn the petition and also got themselves discharged from LNJP. If he was so ill, then why did he do this?

Singhvi- He is reading the order of 2020. See today’s report, even if he gets bail on health grounds, he can go to jail again in 1-2 months after getting healthy. He has lost 35 kg weight, he should be given bail on humanitarian grounds, he said, he also has a spine problem.

ASG- He said, he was already suffering from this disease. The reason for weight loss is fasting. He fasts according to his religion

Judge- We are giving bail on health grounds. Interim bail for 6 weeks. You can get treated in a private hospital. The conditions of bail should be decided by the lower court. Do not try to influence the witnesses in the Satyendar Jain case. Do not go out of Delhi without the permission of the court. The report of the treatment being done should also be given to the Supreme Court. The next hearing of his case should be done on July 10, as well as Jain should not give any statement to the press or media.

Judge – Will take a decision on the independent medical examination in the next hearing.

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