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The gold chain fell in Palani’s bill.

The gold chain fell in Palani’s bill.
The gold chain fell in Palani’s bill.

Dindigul: Palani Dandayuthapani Swami Temple, the third house of Arupada houses, is visited by thousands of devotees every day. Devotees from not only Tamil Nadu but also from various states like Kerala and Karnataka visit Palani Murugan and have darshan.

In this situation, a woman named Sangeeta from Alappuzha district of Kerala state has gone out after having darshan of Sami at the mountain temple. In the bill on the way out, he took off the tulsi garland from his neck and tried to pay the bill due to his overwhelming devotion to Swami.

Then along with the tulsi garland, about 1 3/4 pounds of gold chain was mistakenly deposited in the piggy bank. Regarding this, a Kerala devotee, Sangeetha, has written a letter to the temple administration saying that she belongs to a poor family and considering the poor situation of her family, they have written a letter to return the gold chain for which the bill was paid by mistake.

The incident was then confirmed through temple surveillance cameras to verify its authenticity. But under the 1975 Act, there is no way to return items that have fallen into the bank. Therefore, considering the family situation of the Kerala devotee, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the temple, Chandramohan, at his own expense, has given a gold chain of 17 point 460 grams worth 1 lakh 9 thousand to Sangeetha.

The chain was received by Sangeeta’s family at the head office of the temple. Knowing the plight of the poor family, the action taken by the temple trustee has brought resilience.

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