Rajasthan: Husband Killed His Lover When He Came To Know Of Illegal Relationship With His Wife Six Arrested In Barmer

Rajasthan: Husband Killed His Lover When He Came To Know Of Illegal Relationship With His Wife Six Arrested In Barmer
Rajasthan: Husband Killed His Lover When He Came To Know Of Illegal Relationship With His Wife Six Arrested In Barmer
Some unknown assailants attacked a father-son duo sleeping in a house on the night of May 24 in Shiv Nagar area of ​​Barmer city. On information, the Sadar police station reached the spot and admitted the injured father-son to the Government Hospital in Barmer. After investigation here, the doctors had declared the son dead. On the basis of the father’s statement, the police have arrested the accused, registered a case of murder against the named people and disclosed the matter.

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6 accused including sarpanch arrested

Sadar police officer Kishan Singh told that in the murder case of the deceased Madan, husband Rajendra alias Raju, Sarpanch of Panchayat Samiti Sindhari’s Gram Panchayat Ad Maanji, Banshiram Meghwal, Shankara Dhadi, resident Bhimthal and Bhairaram’s son Ghamaram Banshiram’s son Durgaram caste Meghwal resident Sindhari, accused Neighbor woman Zarina and another have been arrested.

Anita had illegal relations with deceased Madan

During interrogation of the accused, it was revealed that Anita, wife of accused Ravataram alias Raju, had a love affair with the deceased Madan for a long time. Regarding which the accused explained to the deceased Madan several times, but the deceased did not stop meeting the wife of the accused. On the night of May 24, the accused came to know from a woman living in the neighborhood that Madan and his father Pataram had come to her house. With the intention of teaching Madan a lesson, the accused attacked Madan who was sleeping in the house along with his accomplices. Due to which he died. Police arrested 4 youths and 2 women involved in the murder within 24 hours and closed the case.

Murder due to apprehension of living in live-in

The deceased Madan and Anita were in a love affair for a long time. Accused Ravataram alias Raju had explained many times to his wife and Madan, but both did not agree. A few days before the incident, Anita had sent her children to her husband. The accused had apprehension that Anita was preparing to live-in with Madan. Because of this, the accused called the father of the deceased to Barmer and talked about the Panchayati. The father of the deceased had gone to Jodhpur, he returned to Barmer late at night. Had to come to Barmer for Panchayat in the morning. Due to late night, he stayed at Barmer along with Madan and in the same night, the accused Ravataram alias Raju committed the crime in a fit of rage.

Neighbor Zarina informed about deceased Madan being at Anita’s house

Police investigation revealed that Zarina, who lives near Anita’s house, was in contact with accused Raju. On the night of the incident, Zarina had informed Raju over phone that Madan had come to her house and was sleeping here. After this, the accused came along with his associates and beat the deceased Madan to death with sticks.

Sarpanch was also involved in the murder

The police have arrested the accused involved in the murder. Out of which three accused are friends of Ravataram alias Raju. There is also Zarina and another woman who gave information about the deceased Madan being in Anita’s house in the case. Among the four accused involved in this case, Sarpanch Banshiram son of Durgaram caste Meghwal of Gram Panchayat Ad Maan ji of Panchayat Samiti Sindhari is also included.


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