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Luxury life of Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas of Chhattisgarh, see the pictures

Luxury life of Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas of Chhattisgarh, see the pictures
Luxury life of Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas of Chhattisgarh, see the pictures

shed 41 lakh liters of water

Food Department official Rajesh Vishwas allegedly emptied around 41 lakh liters of water from the outer side of the dam after a mobile phone fell on it. The officer has been suspended after the incident. Kanker district officials said food inspector Rajesh Biswas has been suspended for releasing around 41 lakh liters of water accumulated in the outer part of the dam in Pakhanjoor area of ​​the district. Rajesh Vishwas had gone to visit the Paralkot reservoir in the area with his friends on Sunday (May 21). While taking a selfie, his mobile phone accidentally fell into the deep water.

Rajesh Vishwas is fond of pistol

Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas shows a lot of riches on social media. He is also fond of pistol. Rajesh has shared the picture with the pistol on his Instagram account. It is being told that he has a pistol license. Rajesh is carrying a golden colored pistol in his waist. She has clicked the picture in style.

Thar and expensive bike

Rajesh Vishwas is also fond of expensive vehicles. He travels with his friends and family. Along with this, he also shares his photos on Instagram. Rajesh Vishwas has bought a Thar vehicle a few days back. He leaves with her. Along with this, Rajesh Vishwas also has an expensive bike.

gold chain and bracelet

In the pictures that have surfaced of Food Inspector Rajesh Vishwas, he is seen wearing a gold chain around his neck and a bracelet in his hand. Its value is also being told in lakhs. In such a situation, the question is whether one can make so much wealth from the job of Food Inspector. Along with this, he is also seen partying outside with his friends and family.

don’t waste water

At the same time, on action, officer Vishwas told that he had gone to the reservoir with his friends and while taking a selfie, his phone Samsung Galaxy S23 fell into deep water. Vishwas told that the local people present there said that the place is only 10 feet deep and the phone can be found. Initially he tried to extract it but failed. They told me that if the water is emptied up to 3-4 feet, they can take out the phone. I spoke to the SDO of the irrigation department who said that the water is not used by the farmers so you can get it emptied. So I emptied three feet of water at my own expense with the help of the local people and then got the phone back on Thursday.

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