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UP Weather: Rain in UP till June 1, weather changed, temperature dropped, monsoon weakened due to cold weather

UP Weather: Rain in UP till June 1, weather changed, temperature dropped, monsoon weakened due to cold weather
UP Weather: Rain in UP till June 1, weather changed, temperature dropped, monsoon weakened due to cold weather

Lucknow, Jas. The weather has changed in more than 40 districts of the state due to heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms. While people heaved a sigh of relief from the rains, on the other hand it increased after the rains and people were also worried. On the other hand, a drop of six to eight degrees in temperature has been registered in other districts including Lucknow. With this, the Meteorological Department has predicted rain for the next four days.

The scattered rains that started on Thursday night continued till Friday morning. Its effect was also visible on Saturday. Due to the rain, the maximum temperature of the capital has recorded a drop of about eight degrees. According to the Meteorological Department, with the movement of clouds, there are chances of scattered rains in some places of the state till June 1. However, at other places the mercury will rise due to strong sunlight. According to Danish, Senior Scientist of Meteorological Center, Lucknow, the Western Disturbance is now gradually weakening.

Due to this, now the weather will gradually clear up with scattered rains in western Uttar Pradesh with dust storm at a speed of 40 to 50 kilometers per hour in some different parts of the state. From Saturday, parts of East Uttar Pradesh would see a reduction in rain. On Friday, the maximum temperature of Lucknow was recorded at 31.2 degrees Celsius, 8.9 degrees below normal. At the same time, with a drop of 4.9 degrees in the minimum temperature, the temperature was recorded at 20.6 degrees Celsius.

A drop of six to eight degrees has been recorded in the maximum temperature across the state. The highest temperature was recorded at 37 degree Celsius in Orai and 36.7 degree Celsius in Jhansi. Due to overnight rains, the minimum temperature across the state has registered a drop of four to six degrees. The lowest temperature was recorded in Meerut and Bareilly at 17.4 degree Celsius.

If the sun does not heat up in Nautpa then the monsoon will go astray

Due to the cold start of Nautpa, chances of weak monsoon are being created. On the first day of Nautpa, the temperature was 33 degrees on Thursday and 30 degrees on Friday. The weather is expected to remain like this till May 28. This change in weather may derail the annual monsoon from Kerala. The Meteorological Department has also expressed the possibility of late arrival of monsoon in Kerala (by June 4) but the meteorologists of Kanpur are waiting for Nautpa to heat up.

Nautpa is till the next 4th June. According to meteorologist Dr. SN Sunil Pandey, when the sun heats up a lot, a low-pressure air area is created in the atmosphere of the plains. The winds always blow towards the low pressure area. Monsoon winds coming from Kerala reach rapidly in the low pressure air area formed by Nautapa and become the cause of rain.

The weather was pleasant in Kanpur after rain on Saturday morning. Chill is being felt in the air. On the other hand, on Friday morning, the changed weather due to western disturbance caused good rain in the city. It has rained 8.4 mm during about 1 hour. 9 mm of rain in 24 hours is considered good for agriculture. With this, seeds can be sown in the field for paddy crop. The unexpected change in the city’s weather is due to the Western Disturbance.

Nautpa has started from Thursday, in which every year the sun rises above the head in the sky and heats up. But on the first day itself, there was 6 mm of rain in the morning and the day’s temperature had dropped to 33 degree Celsius. Now on Friday, while it is the second day of Nautpa, drizzle and strong wind started from 4:00 am onwards. . At about 5:00 o’clock it rained heavily with thunder and lightning. 8.4 mm of rain has been recorded in the Meteorological Laboratory of Chandra Shekhar Azad University of Agriculture and Technology during the heavy rains that lasted for about 1 hour in the morning.

The total rainfall received on Thursday morning and Friday morning is 9 mm while weathermen had predicted 10 to 12 mm of rainfall in the city due to western disturbance. The effect of the rain on Friday morning is also visible on the temperature of the city. The weather has remained pleasant. Even at 10:00 in the day, the maximum temperature was recorded at 28 degree Celsius.

According to Agricultural University meteorologist Dr. SN Sunil Pandey, the farmers who were busy preparing their fields for the paddy crop will be able to sow paddy easily. There is a possibility of more rain during the next 2 days, due to which additional irrigation will not be required during seed sowing in paddy cultivation. Monsoon rains are expected to start by the time paddy is planted.


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