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The maximum temperature was above 40 degrees in 7 districts; Weather dry till 10 | Haryana weather forecast, severe heat, dry weather, storm Biparjoy, thundershowers on June 11 | Haryana Today Weather Update

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  • Haryana Weather Forecast, Severe Heat, Dry Weather, Storm Biparjoy, Thundershowers On June 11 | Haryana Today Weather Update

Sonipat8 hours ago

People in Haryana faced scorching heat today. The maximum temperature in three districts Sonipat, Sirsa and Mahendragarh was 41.2 degrees today. Apart from this, the temperature remained above 40 degrees in 4 other centers Hisar, Gurugram, Balsamand, Jind. People had started sweating from the heat since morning. In Karnal and Yamunanagar, the day temperature was recorded at 37 degree and in all other districts of the state it was 38 to 41.2 degree today. The mercury is likely to rise further on Friday.

See where and how much was the maximum temperature today.

The state is now sweltering with heat. The record that happened around 3 to 4 in the morning reached up to 35 degrees. Although the sky is cloudy at many places, rain activity has also been recorded at some centers in the last 24 hours, but neither rain nor any western disturbance will affect the heat. The temperature will increase by 2 to 3 degrees for three days. After this, meteorologists are showing the possibility of some relief.

There will be a change in the weather only after June 10 and on June 11 there is a possibility of drizzle with thunder in the districts of North Haryana. The minimum temperature has increased by 1 degree and it was the highest in Sirsa at 26 degrees. The lowest minimum temperature was recorded in Gurugram at 21.4 degrees. Talking about the maximum temperature, now at 10 o’clock Jind is heating up with 35.8 degrees. It will increase further during the day. There is a rise in mercury in Sonepat and Balsamand also.


The weather will be like this for three days

According to meteorologists, the weather will remain dry in Haryana on June 8 and 9. There is a possibility of a slight rise in the day temperature. However, during this time thunder and lightning can also be seen at some places. On June 10, there will be partly cloudy sky. On June 11, there will be a yellow alert in the districts of Ambala, Panchkula, Yamuna Nagar, Karnal, Kaithal and Kurukshetra in North Haryana. There will be a possibility of drizzle with thunderstorms here.

If we look at the information received by the Meteorological Department on Wednesday, then today there is a possibility of drizzle with thunder in Sirsa, Fatehabad, Ambala, Panchkula, Yamunanagar and Kurukshetra.

It rained here in 24 hours

According to IMD Chandigarh, rainfall has been recorded at three centres. Karnal’s Uchani Center received 29 mm of rain, Mahendragarh AWS 13 mm and Panchkula 3.5 mm. In Mahendragarh and Narnaul, drizzling activity is being recorded everyday in different areas. However, it is not affecting the heat there. The maximum temperature here is currently around 34 degrees.


Hope from Biparjoy storm

Cyclone Biparjoy, which is moving in the Arabian Ocean, may soon hit the areas of Maharashtra and Gujarat. The weather experts have not yet told how much it will affect Haryana, but it is believed that if the moisture-laden winds of the Arabian Sea reach Haryana and NCR, some respite from the heat can be expected. Otherwise, the maximum temperature here can reach 45 degrees and the conditions can become like a heat wave.

At present a Western Disturbance is active in Himachal, but no effect is being seen in Haryana. Meteorologists say that due to its high altitude, it is not very strong. Only cloud cover and thunder can be limited to brightness.

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