Inter-Chepauk train service cancellation: Project postponed

Inter-Chepauk train service cancellation: Project postponed
Inter-Chepauk train service cancellation: Project postponed

Chennai: While there was a plan to cancel the train service between Coastal – Chepakkam stations for 7 months, this decision has now been postponed. Moreover, the railway management has also decided to get new ideas to implement this project without any disruption to the passengers.

Due to congestion at Chennai Central railway station, various express trains are operated from Egmore. Therefore, in order to improve the rail transport, the 4th railway line is going to be constructed between Chennai Beach and Elmpur. A fund of Rs.96.70 crore has been allocated in the central budget for this project.

In order to facilitate this, it has been reported that the flying train service between Chennai Beach and Chepakkam will be canceled for 7 months from 1st July to 31st January next year and trains will be operated from Chepakkam to Velachery.

In this regard, an internal circular was issued by the Railways. This caused great shock among the passengers. However, the railway administration said that this is not an official information and no decision has been taken in this regard.

In this case, the railway administration has decided to postpone the plan of canceling the flying train service from Beach-Chepakkam. It is said that the decision has been taken due to public opposition and the railway management has decided to get fresh ideas on implementing the 4th track project without any disruption to passengers.

Railway officials said that no final decision has been taken regarding the cancellation of train services. A circular withdrawing the earlier proposal to stop the flying train service at Chepauk station will be issued in a couple of days. We will finalize a plan in consultation with the Metropolitan Transport Corporation and the Transport Secretary. Thus they said.

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