11 people from the same village passed the Puducherry constable exam

11 people from the same village passed the Puducherry constable exam
11 people from the same village passed the Puducherry constable exam

Puducherry: In Puducherry, the villagers celebrated by cutting a cake after 11 members from the same village passed the constable examination. The public and parents fell on their feet and congratulated those who passed.

The government has taken action to fill the vacant posts in the government departments in Puduwai state. In the first phase Puduvai Police
253 constable and 26 driver vacancies in Based on that, fitness tests were held in Korimedu Constable Training School last March. Out of 6,871 participants, both male and female, 3,107 qualified for the written test.

The written test for the winners of the fitness test was held at 9 centres. Out of which 2065 males and 1003 females participated and appeared for the exam. The marks obtained in the physical fitness and written tests have been aggregated and the results have been declared this evening. Accordingly, 169 men have been selected. 81 women have been selected.

Out of total 253 posts, 250 candidates have passed the exam. In this, 11 people have passed in Chettipattu village in Mannadipat, the constituency of Home Minister Namachivayam. On this occasion, the villagers celebrated by cutting a cake. The town was full of festivities.

About this, the villagers said, “So far 75 people are working in the police force in our village, including Inspector, Assistant Inspector. This time, 32 MCA, Ph. Only those who left work and went to agricultural work studied.

Many of us were waiting for the result of this exam. Currently, 11 candidates have passed the exam. Especially in Tamil Nadu, there is a person who has won the exam after serving for a few years and resigning from the job.

Many people are congratulating the 11 people selected from the same village in Puducherry. The winners of the exam were civilians, blessed by their parents.

Those who won the exam said, “No matter who you are, the people of the village ask why you are not studying wherever we go. We studied in our free time even though we were working in construction work, field work, private company work. We studied together. We left work for the last two months and studied. People from normal families. Happy that more people have won in our town. Those who lost will also win next time.” They hoped that.

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