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TANU MURDER CASE – Delhi-like sensational murder case in Raipur, Odisha was murdered, burnt Tanu’s body there.

Tanu Kurre, working in Axis Bank, Mova, Raipur, had last asked her roommate to come back after opening a bank account of a person. But Tanu did not return and now after that her half-dead body was found in the forests of Balangir in Odisha.

Raipur police came to know about Tanu’s disappearance on November 22, after which, while investigating the case, started searching for Tanu, first of all, based on her mobile location, the CCTV footage on the route was assessed, in which she found her friend Sachin Agarwal. Seen with

After the incident, the Chhattisgarh police was searching for Tanu, on the other hand, the Odisha police found a half-dead body of an unknown girl from the forest of Turikela area of ​​Balangir district, for whose identification the police sent information to the neighboring states, after which they found- Due to the similar details, the Raipur police reached Odisha along with Tanu’s family members to identify the dead body, where the family members identified the dead body as Tanu’s.

However, the Odisha Police has suspected that Tanu’s lover Sachin Aggarwal killed Tanu and burnt her in the forest, since the accused Sachin is absconding since the incident, the police is looking for him.

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