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Ambernath Firing Crime News Pandharinath Phadke Remanded To Police Custody For Eight Days Maharashtra News

Thane: Pandharinath Phadke, president of the Maharashtra State Bullockcart Association, who was arrested in the case of indiscriminate firing in Ambernath on Sunday, has been remanded to eight days police custody by the Ulhasnagar court. Eknath Phadke and Harishchandra Phadke, who were arrested along with him, have also been sent to eight-day police custody by the court.

Rahul Patil of Kalyan’s Adivli village was shot at indiscriminately in Ambernath city on Sunday. After it came to light that Panvel’s Pandharinath Phadke and his supporters had carried out the attack, the police had registered a case under the Weapons Act against a total of 32 people including Phadke. Pandharinath Phadke, Eknath Phadke and Harishchandra Phadke were arrested from Navi Mumbai late at night. These three were produced in the Ulhasnagar court today and the court sent them to police custody for eight days till November 21.

Pandharinath Phadke alleged that in this incident, not only from our side, but also from Rahul Patil’s side, we were fired upon, but the police filed a case against him only on the basis of Rahul Patil’s complaint. Pandharinath Phadke, his lawyer Adv. Told the court through Satyan Pillay. The court has asked the opinion of the police and accordingly further action will be taken. So, are conflicting charges now filed in this case? It will be important to see.

Pandharinath Phadke of Panvel is the president of the Maharashtra State Bullock Cart Association and Rahul Patil is a bullock cart owner residing in Adivli village of Kalyan. Both of them have been continuously arguing about winning and losing in the bullock cart race since last year. Both the groups often challenged each other on social media.


On Sunday, Rahul Patil and Pandharisheth Phadke came face to face near Sudama Hotel in Ambernath MIDC. After this, the supporters of Pandharinath Phadke started firing indiscriminately towards Rahul Patil and his supporters. Rahul Patil has said in his complaint that at this time as many as 15 to 20 bullets were fired. Along with this, it has been recorded that the car of Rahul Patil’s supporters was also vandalized.


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