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Two Twin Sisters Married With One Boy In Solapur Akluj

Two Twin Sisters Married With One Boy In Solapur Akluj
Two Twin Sisters Married With One Boy In Solapur Akluj

Pandharpur : Two twin sisters have married the same son in Akluj (Malshiras) of Solapur district. Photos and videos of this wedding have gone viral on social media. The recent marriage of many sisters with the same child, at the same time, is now being discussed on social media. Yesterday i.e. Friday, this unique marriage took place at Galande Hotel on Akluj-Velapur Road.

Atul hails from Malshiras taluka of Solapur district and has a travel business in Mumbai. Whereas Pinky and Rinky are highly educated twin sisters from Kandivali. Six months ago, after Pinky, Rinky and their mother fell ill, a young taxi driver named Atul took care of them in the hospital. This made their love match and with the consent of their relatives, the marriage took place yesterday in Akluj.

Rinky and Pinky are twin sisters working as engineers. The education of both of them was combined. After that, he also started working in the same IT company. These two grew up with each other since childhood. Both of them got so used to each other that they chose the same groom as their life partner and took Saptapadi with him.

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This was the meeting

A few years ago Rinky and Pinky’s father passed away. After that, both the sisters lived with their mother. A few days ago, Rinky, Pinky and their mother fell ill. At this time, Atul, a taxi traveller, admitted all the three to the hospital. This time Atul served all three of them. Due to this, all three developed affection towards Atul. This is why one of the twin sisters fell in love with Atul. But, as both of them never left each other, they could not stay apart. So with the consent of mother and Atul’s family, both of them decided to marry Atul.

Around 300 guests from both the families attended this unique wedding at Gallande Hotel. After the photos and videos of this lavish wedding went viral on social media, it started to be discussed everywhere.

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