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Raju Teth murder: Police identified 4 shooters, all accused are residents of Haryana

Raju Teth murder: Police identified 4 shooters, all accused are residents of Haryana
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The police have identified the 4 accused involved in the murder of gangster Raju Theth in Sikar, Rajasthan. All the four shooters are residents of Haryana. Police sources said that two accused Himanshu and Satish had registered in CLC coaching located in front of Raju Theth House.

The four accused involved in this gang war of Sikar have been identified as Himanshu, Satish, Jatin and Naveen alias Boxer. Raju Theth was shot dead near his house in Sikar’s Udyog Nagar.

The video of the incident also surfaced

The video of the incident has also surfaced, in which it is clearly visible that the miscreants are firing openly. Four accused are visible in the video. All four have weapons in their hands. As soon as the accused start firing at Raju Theth, there is a stampede. People start running after hearing the crackle of bullets. After committing the crime, the accused move forward very comfortably. During this, an accused also fires in the air.

The enmity was going on with Anandpal gang

According to the information, Raju Theth’s first enmity was going on in the Anandpal gang. According to sources, at present Anandpal gang and Lawrence Bishnoi gang were working together. Rohit Godara, the history-sheeter of the Lawrence gang, has taken the responsibility of Raju Theth’s death. Also said that the murder of Anandpal and Balveer has been avenged.

Rohit Godara took the responsibility of the murder

The responsibility of this murder has been taken from the Facebook ID named Rohit Godara. It has been mentioned that the murder of Anandpal and Balbir Banuda has been avenged. Rohit Godara has written that I take the responsibility of the murder, the revenge is complete. Rohit Godara, who took responsibility for the incident, currently operates the crime company of Laureus and Goldie from Azerbaijan, it is wanted in India. Rohit had a hand in giving shelter and grenade to Deepak Tinu during his absconding.

Nagaur farmer died in gang war

Please tell that in this gang war, the father of the girl student who had come for coaching in a private coaching institute has also died. The student is a resident of Chhoti Khatu police station area of ​​Nagaur district. She was preparing for NEET in a private coaching institute in Sikar and was staying in a private hostel here. Her father had come to Sikar to meet the student and had parked his car near the coaching institute.

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