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Solapur News Two Twin Sisters Married With One Boy, NCR Filed At Akluj Police Station

Solapur News Two Twin Sisters Married With One Boy, NCR Filed At Akluj Police Station
Solapur News Two Twin Sisters Married With One Boy, NCR Filed At Akluj Police Station

Solapur News : With two twin sisters in the same frame marriage It has come to the hands of the husband to do. According to Section 494 of Indian Penal Code 1860, NCR has been lodged at Akluj Police Station. In this case, Rahul Phule from Malewadi filed a complaint with the police. After that the police has started the action.

Atul Uttam Awatade, a young man living in group number two of Mahalung locality, had married two twin sisters, Rinki Milind Padgaonkar and Pinky Milind Padgaonkar, in the same mandwat on December 2 at Galande Hotel near Akluj. Photos and videos of this unique marriage went viral on social media.

What exactly is the case?

A unique incident of twin IT engineer girls from Mumbai getting married to a young man in the same Mandwa took place at Akluj in Malshiras taluk. Navardev Atul Awatade hails from Mahalung in Malshiras taluk and has a travel business in Mumbai. Twin sisters Pinky Milind Padgaonkar and Rinki Milind Padgaonkar, who are doing IT engineering in Kandivli and are working at a low salary, have married Atul at the same time in Mandwa. Twin sisters Pinky and Rinky are identical in appearance since childhood. They are so fond of each other that till now both of them eat on the same page. Since they wanted to be together from childhood till death, they decided to marry the same young man. Pinky and Rinky wanted only one husband to live together. Finally, Avatade and Padgaonkar family approved this marriage. The unique wedding was held on December 2 at Galande Hotel on Akluj Ghampur Road.

Atul, a young man originally from Malshiras taluka, came into contact with the Padgaonkar family. The girls were living with their mother after their father passed away a few days ago. When the mother and two daughters of the Padgaonkar family fell ill, they used to go to that hospital in Atul’s car. At this time, Atul took care of the Padgaonkar family during their illness and the closeness between them increased. Finally, on December 2, Atul Avtade got married to both Pinky and Rinki Padgaonkar in the same Mandwa. Around 300 guests from both sides gathered at Gallande Hotel for this unique wedding. After the photos and videos of this grand wedding went viral on social media, it started to be discussed everywhere.

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Marriage ceremony of highly educated twin sisters with one son, performed in Akluj with pomp and fanfare

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