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Raj Survey MLA Prakash Surve’s son is still absconding, the police will start a thorough search, will the problems increase? – Marathi News | Prakash surve son Raj surve wanted in kidnapping and assaulting music company CEO case

Mumbai | 12 August 2023 : Vanrai police have so far arrested only three people in the case of Rajkumar Singh, the owner of a music company. All other accused, including Shinde group MLA Prakash Surve’s son Raj Surve, are still absconding. Police has formed a special team to nab the accused. On the other hand, the police have so far examined more than 2 dozen CCTV footages to investigate the entire case. Police have also searched MLA Prakash Surve’s office, where Rajkumar Singh was taken. The police are also checking the CCTV of that cabin. According to information received, all the wanted accused including Raj Surve are absconding together.

What exactly is the case?

The owner of a music company was abducted from a busy apartment in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra. Interestingly, Raj Surve, son of Shinde group MLA Prakash Surve, is alleged to have kidnapped him. Rajkumar Singh received a call from an unknown number around noon. But Rajkumar did not pick that call.

After this within next ten minutes goons sent by Raj Surve came to Rajkumar Singh’s office and started beating and abusing him. Rajkumar Singh was then kidnapped and taken to MLA Prakash Surve’s office in Dahisar East. There Prakash Surve’s son Raj Surve threatened Rajkumar Singh.

The sequence of events narrated by Rajkumar Singh

“Call received from unknown number. They came to the third floor. Why was the call not received? Started killing. Cursed. Why not pick up father’s phone? Doesn’t Prakash know Surve? They abused and beat me by asking such questions”, said Rajkumar Singh.

“Raj Surve threatened. I was surrounded by 12 to 17 people in the office. The staff called home. Called the control room from home. The control room called Raj Surve. Raj Surve spoke foul language to the control room. Shifted to another place”, said Rajkumar Singh.

Why was Raj Surve threatening Rajkumar Singh?

Why was Raj Surve threatening Rajkumar Singh? The story behind it is also serious. Manoj Mishra, the owner of Adishakti Films, had taken eight and a half crore rupees from Rajkumar Singh. Manoj Mishra did not want to return this money. Therefore, it has been alleged that Manoj Mishra gave betel nut to Prakash Surve’s son Raj Surve to break the contract.

Rajkumar Singh has informed about this. “8.30 crore has been paid. The owner of that company took signatures to break the contract. The police were calling. They were not picking up people. Told to tell the wrong location. Changed the location again. He asked me to say that I took the signatures of my own free will”, said Rajkumar Singh.

A case has been registered against Raj Surve

After the case went to the police, the accused Manoj Mishra tried to escape outside Mumbai. But the police arrested Manoj Mishra, Vipul Singh, and another from the Mumbai airport. A case has also been registered against Prakash Surve’s son Raj Surve.

A serious allegation by the Thackeray group

Prakash Surve is a controversial MLA of the Shinde group. There was a controversy from his sentence that break a limb, the table gets bail. The opposition had also accused him in a viral video case. The Thackeray group has alleged that his son Raj Prakash Surve is also involved in many illegal activities.

Thackeray group leader Vinod Ghosalkar made a serious allegation in this regard. “This is not the first incident, many such cases have been registered against Prakash Surve. A case has been registered for threatening to break limbs. The builder’s file is stopped, the son is asked to enter into partnership with the builder. But now the bus is done, I am requesting the police, it is too much now”, Ghosalkar reacted.

Thackeray group leader Anil Parab has also reacted to the matter. How MLAs have become unbridled, no fear of law and institution. He has the blessings of the Chief Minister. No one is raising voice against him. If we hit one under the ear, our workers were put in jail for ten days. What will you do with these MLAs? Anil Parab asked this question.

Meanwhile, Sheetal Mhatre, the leader of the Shinde group, has reacted to the matter. “An FIR has been lodged, the police are investigating. CCTV has come to light. There is no boy in it. Will not support wrong”, said Sheetal Mhatre.

The article is in Marathi

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