Twin girls who got married to the same groom in Mumbai, Maharashtra

Twin girls who got married to the same groom in Mumbai, Maharashtra
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In recent times, strange events and strange scenes are taking place in wedding ceremonies. But a wedding ceremony in Akluj area of ​​Sholapur, Maharashtra has now caused a strange discussion. The strange thing is that no wife imagines another girl as her husband’s wife. Because it is Hindu law that a man should have only one wife. But in Akluj, two sisters (twin girls) married the same young man and surprised everyone. But if you want to know why both sisters have to marry the same groom, you have to listen to this story.

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He married two girls at the same time at the Kalyana venue in Maharashtra. This rare incident took place in Akluj area. Groom’s name is Atul. The names of the brides are Rinky and Pinky. Both are twin children born together in the womb of the same mother, these two elder sisters studied together in the same school since childhood. They are working as software engineers in the same company. Both of them live in Kandiwalit, Mumbai.

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Both these sisters are living in Mumbai with their mother as their father is absent. Twin girls Rinki and Pinky are working as soft engineers in a company in Andheri. But one day when both of them fell ill, Atul admitted him to the hospital. As Atul came closer to the family in the male direction, one of the twin girls liked him and wanted to marry him. But since both of them are twins, one cannot leave the other, so they decided to marry Atul Yakashi together. The groom told the same thing to Atul.

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Thus the three became one.

As Atul’s family members also gave a green signal to the decision taken by the twins, Atul became the common son of two sisters at the same time. These two sisters put a boon on the neck of the one they liked and made their own. The wedding of Rinky and Pinky twins has now become a viral news.

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First published:December 04, 2022, 07:02 IST

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