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Heroine Trisha strongly reacted to the comments of the ‘Leo’ actor

Heroine Trisha strongly reacted to the comments of the ‘Leo’ actor
Heroine Trisha strongly reacted to the comments of the ‘Leo’ actor

Recently directed by Lokesh Kanakaraj, Vijay and Trisha starred together in the gangster action drama movie Leo. This movie was opened as part of Lokesh Cinematic Universe with good expectations and Gautham Menon, Arjun, Sanjay Dutt, Mansoor Ali Khan acted in key roles. The thing is, in a recent interview actor Mansoor Ali Khan said that he made some derogatory comments on Trisha. In a video that is going viral on social media, Mansoor Ali Khan said that he was sad that he did not get a rape scene in this film, and he said that he was not given rape scenes in recent films.

When I heard that I am acting with Trisha, I thought that there will be a bedroom scene in the film and I thought that I can take her to the bedroom as in my previous films. I have done rape scenes in many movies, nothing is new to me but these guys did not show me Trisha even on the sets during Kashmir schedule. However, the latest heroine Trisha reacted strongly to his comments through her Twitter. Mansoor Ali Khan said that the comments made on him were not only disgusting but also hurt a lot. I strongly condemn this.

His comments show looseness, disrespect and misogyny. I am grateful not to have shared screen space with such an abominable person and will make sure not to act with him for the rest of my film career. People like him bring a bad name to humanity, she said in her post. Meanwhile, many netizens are supporting Trisha and commenting on social media that we are madam, don’t be discouraged.

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